While Pet Simulator X‘s Traveling MerchantMost players know him well, but his rarer counterpart the Mystery Merchant is unknown to many. The Mystery Merchant, which was added with the Halloween update 2021, offers players the opportunity to buy exclusive pets at extremely low prices. We’ll explain who the Mystery Merchant really is, where they can be found, and how often they spawn in the guide below.

Mystery Merchant details

When does the Mystery Merchant appear?

The Traveling Merchant has a high chance of spawning into Servers every 50 minutes. But the Mystery Merchant has a very low chance and does it only twice a day. If you are lucky enough to meet them, and wish to purchase from their shop, make sure you do it quickly. They only stay around for about 10 minutes after they have spawned. The chart below gives you a more detailed view of when the Mystery Merchant is likely to appear in your time zone.

Time ZoneTimeCountriesHT8:00am and 8:00pmUSAAKT9:00am and 9:00pmUSAPT10:00am and 10:00pmUSA, Vancouver (Canada), UAE, Oman, Samara (Russia), Izhevs (Russia)MT (Mountain Time)11:00am and 11:00pmUSA, Chihuahua (Mexico), Pakistan, West Central Asia, Yekaterinburg (Russia)CTMidnight and noonUSA, Eastern MexicoET1:00am and 1:00pmUSA, Peru, Quebec, Ontario (Canada), PanamaUTC/GMT-42:00am and 2:00pmChile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Amazonas (Brazil), Venezuela,Dominican Republic, Lesser AntillesUTC/GMT-33:00am and 3:00pmEastern Brazil/ArgentinaWET6:00am and 6:00pmUK, Ireland, Portugal, IcelandCET7:00am and 7:00pmGermany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Benelux, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, AngolaEET8:00am and 8:00pmFinland, Estonia, Latvia, South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana,Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt-Sudan, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, CyprusMT (Moscow Time)9:00am and 9:00pmBelarus, European Russia, Eastern Africa, Eastern Thrace, Horn of Africa, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, YemenIT11:30am and 11:30pmIndia, Sri Lanka, NepalUTC/GMT+6Midnight and noonBangladesh, East KazakhstanUTC/GMT+71:00am and 1:00pmThailand, Vietnam, Indochina, West IndonesiaUTC/GMT+82:00am and 2:00pmChina, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines,Western Australia, Central Indonesia,UTC/GMT+93:00am and 3:00pmKorea, JapanACT3:30am and 3:30pmCentral AustraliaAET4:00am and 4:00pmEastern Australia, Vladivostok (Russia)NZT6:00am and 6:00pmNew Zealand

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Where is the Mystery Merchant?

You will receive notification from the Mystery Merchant that they have appeared in your server. They can be found either in the Cave Area or Trading Plaza. Both are located in Spawn World. Look for the large wooden cart marked Mystery Merchant to find them.

Who is the Mystery Merchant

The Mystery Merchant isn’t a full-fledged NPC, but they still play an important role within Pet Simulator X. Players can buy rare pets at very low rates when this mysterious shop owner appears. However, keep in mind that the Traveling Merchant has a very low stock of pets—it’s typically first come, first serve as to who takes them home!

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