What Light Level do Mobs spawn at in Minecraft?

What Light Level do Mobs spawn at in Minecraft?

Hostile Mobs have been spawned at all Light Levels lower than 7. However, this has changed in Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2 updates. It’s gone days when you had to spam torches in order to protect your farms, islands, and buildings. Let’s take a look at the Light Levels that hostile Mobs spawn at in Minecraft.

Natural Generation

Hostile mobs can only naturally spawn at a light level of 0. You will not have any hostile mobs spawn within the torch’s range. This allows players to place torches and other light sources more frequently.

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Mob Spawners

Mob Spawners will now need a Light level of 11 or less to work. To deactivate them, the player must set a minimum light level of 12. To accomplish this, place torches around or on the spawner. A standard torch emits a light level around 14 watts.

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