What is the Ministry of Civil Affairs?

What is the Ministry of Civil Affairs?

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Genshin Impact’s Teyvat has many factions and organizations. But a constant figurehead in every nation is in charge of maintaining civilian order—represented in the management of the Reputation Boards. This task is taken on by the Knights of Favonius in Monstadt, and the Yashiro Commission in Inazuma. The Ministry of Civil Affairs manages Reputation in Liyue. This organization is crucial in Liyue’s orderly operation. It focuses on civil-related matters, just like its name.

What does the Ministry of Civil Affairs Do

The Ministry of Civil Affairs (a large organization) works closely to the Liyue Qixing, Millelith, and other organizations to maintain order within Liyue. They are responsible for managing human resources, information, and maritime authority. They also have the following:

  • Proficiency tests
  • Taxes
  • Permits, such like exit permits
  • Mooring space rental
  • Clearances at Customs
  • Forms such as the restricted goods approval forms
  • Employ human resources such as clerks, to assist businesses with paperwork

The Ministry of Civil Affairs enforces safety regulations such as prohibiting kite-flying on Feiyun Slope or Yujing Terrace. This organization is also responsible for ensuring a swift clean-up whenever Liyue has trouble.

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Who are the members of the Ministry of Civil Affairs’?

Liyue’s Ministry of Civil Affairs is made up of many workers. But, there are notable NPCs or characters that frequent the harbor.

  • Ms. Yu—secretary
  • Clerk Zhao—clerk
  • Nervous An—administrator for maritime authority
  • Yelan—mysterious member; presumably an informant
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One common theme among the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ members is their desire to relax and get some rest. Yelan, an upcoming character, will be available in Version 2.7.5.

She is not a member of this group, but a collection of leaked voicelines has been posted by u/QuietAncient5122 on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks reveals that she’s an intelligent, two-faced individual who has a family history of working with the Liyue Qixing, and provides precious intel to the Ministry of Civil Affairs—albeit the source of the information is questionable.

Yelan, however, is absent for most of the year. This is in contrast to other workers. However, it’s believed that Yelan is absent from work for most of the year.

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