What is the Glare in Minecraft?

What is the Glare in Minecraft?

With the 2021 Minecraft Mob Vote, The Glare could be one of many mobs Mojang could add in Minecraft.

The creature is described as a helpful little green box-like creature that can alert players when they are in an area dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn. 

A Glare will fly into dark areas and start acting “grumpy,” alerting the player with key sounds when they are in a place dark enough for monsters.

They can also be carried by players who want to see if the area is safe enough for hostile mobs to spawn. 

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That said, the Glare is one of many new mobs that might get added with the 2021 Minecraft Mob Vote. To vote for the Glare you must tune in to the Minecraft event on Oct 16 and vote via Twitter.

How do you watch Minecraft Live?

You will need to log in to the YouTube channel to view the Minecraft Live event. official Minecraft Youtube account on October 16. On October 16, the Mob Vote will be held. Participants will vote for Glare and other potential mobs.

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