What is the Curse of Binding in Minecraft?

What is the Curse of Binding in Minecraft?

The Curse of Binding is one of the most difficult enchantments to manage. You can use it for pranking your friends, enemies and even mobs. But before we get into that, let’s explain what it is.

What is the Curse of Binding?

To those of us that are married, you likely already know exactly what the Curse of Binding is in real life. Minecraft’s Curse of Binding looks similar but doesn’t apply for more than one person. The idea is “Til Death do Us Part”, especially for those who like Hardcore mode. Let’s get to it!

The basics

  • It is an enchantment. Once equipped, the Curse of Binding enchants the item and binds it to the player. It can not be removed using an Anvil. There are currently only three methods to get rid of it.
    • Creative Mode
    • Breaking of the item (durability).
    • Death
  • It cannot be applied to all items. It cannot be used on items that are worn in any way. The Curse of Binding cannot be applied to weapons or other tools. This table shows you which items are eligible for the Curse of Binding.
    • Hats (including Turtle Shell)
    • Chestplates
    • Leggings
    • Boots
    • Carved Pumpkins
    • Heads of player/mob
    • Elytra
  • It can be permanent. It can be permanent. Elytra and Carved Pumpkins are not durable, so if Curse of Binding has been used to enchant one of these items, you will have to keep it there. Hardcore mode does not allow for respawn, so you will be stuck with the item forever.
  • It’s not supposed help you. It is supposed to be irritating. It’s supposed be a trick. It’s supposed to make you mad if it gets applied. Mojang did this to us.
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The Curse of Binding: Why and how to use it

A dispenser mechanism in Minecraft.A dispenser mechanism in Minecraft.

  • It’s possible to prank your enemies and friends. There are two ways you can do this. Let’s take a look at them.
    • It’s a good idea to give your friends an item that has this enchantment. Let them know you don’t want to read it. Tell your friends that the green leather chestplate is a good match for their eyes. They will be in a rush to improve their self-esteem and put the green leather chestplate on.
    • Forcibly applying the cursed item is the best and funniest way to trick them. Put the cursed item in a Redstone dispenser and set up a clever Redstone system. You can trick them into engaging it, and the item will be forced onto their character. You might get rebuked if you try this on a Hardcore server.

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  • Be careful right now.
    • Again — Why did Mojang do this? A Carved Pumpkin was once a popular party trick in Minecraft. We now have to inspect the Carved Pumpkin carefully every time we wear it, to avoid getting blinded by the limited vision caused by the Carved Pumpkin.
  • How to get it
    • The world’s best chest loot
    • Fishing
    • Trading for Enchanted Books
  • Data values
    • Java Edition
      • Namespace_ID: binding_curse
      • Translation key: enchantment.minecraft.binding_curse
    • Bedrock Edition
      • Namespace_ID: binding
      • Translation key: enchantment.curse.binding

Although this is one of the most confusing additions to Minecraft we can only assume that it is there for developer’s amusement. If your friends are able to forgive you, it is easy to see the humor of tricking them into wearing cursed items. Perhaps a new map challenge is in order for the masochists. Hardcore mode: Only leather armor and Curse of Binding are required

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