What is the Allay in Minecraft?

What is the Allay in Minecraft?

The Allay is a cute, blue-colored ghost-like creature that loves music and will give you more of any item it receives. After being voted into the Minecraft Live mob fan vote, the Allay has been added to Minecraft 1.19 Wild.

What is the Allay doing?

An Allay is a cute and helpful mob players can send to collect items. An Allay will search for the matching item if an item is given to it. After you give an item to an Allay, it will track you for up to 64 blocks and attempt to find the item within 32 blocks of you. An Allay will spend approximately 30 seconds searching for items in the vicinity of a Note Block before returning them to the block.

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Allays are 20 HP but they are not easily harmed by hostile mobs. If they are injured, Allays will move quickly in different directions for a brief time and start moving in different directions.

Where to Find the Allay

Screenshot via Mojang

You can find the Allay mob around pillager outpostsBoth in the cages and in the woodland mansion jail cells. Each cage will produce up to three Allays. Allays will wander freely once they have been released from their cages. An Allay can also be equipped with a lead so that it can be taken to another place.

Allays allows you to use a lead with a nametag, but they can’t breed or follow your commands like pets. If you give an item to the Allay, it can follow you and then return it with another item. You can farm items by placing a Note Block close to your farming location. You can gather items and have them returned to the Note Block by the Allay, which makes it a bit easier to gather.

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