What is Paper Minecraft?

What is Paper Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very popular game and is available on almost all platforms. Minecraft’s blocky 3D landscape allows you to build almost anything. Paper Minecraft will appeal to those who prefer a 2D design.

Everything you need about Paper Minecraft

Paper MinecraftA 2D Minecraft was created by griffpatch. This project was created using Scratch, a coding tool. Many tutorials are available here. griffpatch’sYouTube channel. Includes behind-the-scenes views at Paper Minecraft. You can play it in your browser without having to purchase Minecraft.

Paper Minecraft is very different from the original Minecraft because it has been converted to 2D. This change makes Paper Minecraft more of a platformer. Additionally, many blocks behave differently—you can pass through leaves and trees, for instance. Just like regular Minecraft, your world can be modified before creation.

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How to play Paper Minecraft

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

Paper Minecraft is very similar to Minecraft. However, there are key differences. Most noticeable is the switch from 3D to 2D. However, the controls are also different. These are all controls for Paper Minecraft.

  • WASD—Move/Jump
  • Click—Place/Mine
  • E+Hover—Open/Close Object
  • Space—Drop Single Item
  • F—Eat Food
  • Q—Drop Item
  • T—Talk/Command
  • M—Music/Sound
  • N—Label Sign/Chest
  • P—Pause/Unpause
  • O—Save
  • Shift—Spring
  • 1-9—Select Item

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