What is Minecraft Preview?

What is Minecraft Preview?

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It can sometimes be difficult to be a Bedrock Player. Java edition players have the opportunity to play the latest snapshots and enjoy all the new blocks and mobs. Thankful for the newly announced Minecraft PreviewThese problems are being solved.

Minecraft Preview is the latest version of the Bedrock Beta program. It was originally available on Android, Windows and Xbox. Minecraft Preview allows you to try out new features of Minecraft without affecting any existing Bedrock worlds. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to import your worlds into Minecraft Preview, but Mojang wants to look into adding this feature in the future. 

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What features will Minecraft Preview include?

Minecraft Preview won’t feature cross-platform multiplayer, the marketplace, realms, or achievements. Nearly every Bedrock platform (from iOS to Windows) will have a preview of the latest Minecraft features. The Beta version and the Bedrock release version are no longer available to you. Minecraft Preview will be available on the same version and on the same device.

Minecraft Preview will initially be released to iOS and Windows. It is planned to release on Xbox later this year. If you’re an Xbox Insider, you’ll be able to test things out on Minecraft Preview earlier.

What’s more, Minecraft Preview will be added to the standard Windows launcher of the game, in the same way that Java edition and Bedrock edition are. Minecraft Preview will eventually replace and enhance Minecraft Beta, making it obsolete.

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