What is honey used for in Minecraft?

What is honey used for in Minecraft?

Since Minecraft patch 1.15, Bees and Beehives have been within the recreation, producing Honey and honeycomb, and stinging anybody who harvests it. However what’s Honey used for in Minecraft? Why even arrange a honey farm within the recreation?

Honey has many makes use of in Minecraft, relying on its type. In its bottled type, Honey fills your starvation gauge and removes the poison situation. A single bottle of Honey in Minecraft restores six starvation (three bars).

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In case you have been poisoned, however a Cave Spider, Puffer Fish, Bee, Suspicious Stew, or Poison Potion, consuming a Honey Bottle will take away that impact. As it’s going to additionally fill your starvation gauge, it might be useful in therapeutic as properly.

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Honey Blocks

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However past this, you should use Honey in its Block type as a crafting element. Honey Blocks are sticky and work equally to Slime Blocks. When pushed by a piston, a Honey Block will attempt to transfer any adjoining blocks with it.

The stickiness additionally slows down enemies and mobs. Enemies touching Honey Blocks will fall slower and never take fall harm. If you happen to fall and land on a Honey Block, you may solely take 80% of the autumn harm you’d anticipate. Enemy mobs keep away from strolling on honey blocks, to allow them to be used to discourage motion with out partitions.

These properties make Honey extremely helpful for each therapeutic and constructing functions. Sadly, Honey is an underutilized materials in Minecraft, however now some extra particulars about it, maybe you should use it in your subsequent construct!

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In case your farming Honey, then you definately might need some wax as properly. Try How to make candles in Minecraft on Professional Recreation Guides.

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