Roblox Bedwars has changed dramatically since Enchantments were added to the base game. It completely transformed the way players approach the mid and end rounds. The Enchantments available are all great, but one Enchantment is unique because of its unique power: the Void Enchantment. The Void Enchantment can curse enemies, but how does it work? The Void Enchantment is an enchantment that can curse enemies. This guide will provide all the details.

What is the Void Enchantment and how can it help you? 

Void Enchantment is one of the eight Enchantments in Roblox Bedwars. It can be acquired through the Enchantment table by paying 4 Emeralds. It is the only Enchantment in the entire list that is an exclusive tier 3 Enchantment.

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What is the Void Enchantment?

After you have bought the Void Enchantment you can curse your enemies. Use any weapon to defeat your enemies. It will not cause extra damage to enemies like the Static or Fire Enchantment. Instead, the curse inflicted will grow on your opponent’s head with each hit and will instantly kill them once they reach around 20 HP. As you can grab the curse easily, it plays an important role in mid-game fights.

You can use the Void Enchantment best when you pair it with the Barbarian Kit. With the Barbarian Kit, you can quickly obtain a RageBlade with the Enchantment.

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