What does the Lure enchantment do in Minecraft?

What does the Lure enchantment do in Minecraft?

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The lure is one of many enchantments in Minecraft, but what lure does involves fishing poles. 

The lure enchantment increases the player’s bite rate and decreases the time taken for fish to appear on the hook. It takes five seconds for each level of the enchantment. 

This is why the enchantment works best when used with luck of the seaThis enchantment, along with the fishing hook method, will increase the chance of treasure items appearing on fishing hooks. These can be used to obtain enchantment book. To obtain the lure enchantment you will need to either loot the dungeon chests or use the fishing rod method. 

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You have two options for getting the lure-enchantment: the fishing pole or the table option. The fishing pole is best if you have a water source. Without luck, however, it will not be very productive. 

This is why you’ll need to use the Enchantment Table option. booksAnonymous enchantment tableGain a lot of experience points by completing the following steps. 

You might also want to make a few bookcase blocks (in total 15), to increase your level of enchantments.

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