What does smite do in Minecraft – How to get the Smite Enchantment?

What does smite do in Minecraft – How to get the Smite Enchantment?

Smite, a special enchantment for Minecraft, increases the damage that players do to undead mobs such as Phantoms, Zombie Pigmen and Skeletons.

Although the Smite Enchantment can be used on both swords or axes, it’s most effective when placed on swords, netherite and diamond-axes. 

You can also increase the damage Smite does depending on how powerful the enchantment is placed on the item. The max level being Smite III. 

How do I get Smite in Minecraft

Smite is a game that allows players to create enchanted books and trade. 

To start with enchanting literature, you will first need an enchanting book, books, and lapis li. 

You will then need to make and get all of that along with 15 bookcases and place them around the enchanting table with a one-block buffer zone between the 15 bookcases and the table. 

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This will in turn, increase the chances of getting higher-level enchantments, and you will also need to keep enchanting books until the enchantment you want shows up. 

You can fish with an enchanted fishing rod, however, this is not the only option. You will need to first enchant a fishing rod with luck of the ocean in order to use the enchanted fisherman option. 

This will increase your chances of getting enchanted fishing books. The next option is to trade emeralds or books for looting dungeons. Both are good options, but not the best.

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