What does Respiration do in Minecraft?

What does Respiration do in Minecraft?

Respiration in Minecraft allows the player to use a special helmet-enchantment to allow them to breathe underwater longer and for more extended periods. The player can breathe underwater for 15 seconds more depending on how much enchantment is applied to their helmet. 

A turtle shell can be worn by the player to prevent drowning, and the enchantment generally grants the chance that you will not take any drowning damage. How do you get this enchantment? 

You can obtain the enchantment by trading, looting treasure boxes in dungeons, fishing with fishing poles, raiding and fishing. You can start with fishing if your fishing pole is enchanted using the luck-of-the-sea enchantment. This will allow you to harvest treasure items like enchantment books and Respiration books by fishing. 

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The Respiration enchantment can also be earned as loot in raids or by trading with villagers who have the books. All you have to do in order to trade with the villagers is to have enough emeralds, and then exchange them for the book. You can also use an enchantment tablet along with Lapis Lazuli or books to get respiration. This method requires a lot more experience.

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