What does Mending do in Minecraft?

What does Mending do in Minecraft?

Mending is a special enchantment in Minecraft that, when enchanted onto an item such as weapons, tools, and armor, will repair the item with experience orbs. You can also use the enchantment to repair items at two durability points for every XP orb. 

If you have a lot of experience, you might be able to repair your item and increase its durability. How do you get this enchantment? 

You can obtain the enchantment by trading, looting treasure boxes in dungeons, fishing with fishing poles, raids and fishing. If you have a fishing rod enchanted by the luck of the ocean enchantment, fishing will allow you to harvest treasure items. 

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This enchantment is not required to get treasure items. 

You can have luck of the sea with an enchantment desk that has at least 15 bookcases. Once you have all that, you can keep rolling enchantments until you get it.

You can also get the mending spell as loot in raids or by trading with villagers who have the books. All you have to do to trade with villager is to have enough emeralds, and then exchange them for the book. 

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