What does Loyalty do in Minecraft?

What does Loyalty do in Minecraft?

Loyalty is an enchantment in Minecraft that can only be applied to a Trident. When a player throws Tridents, the Loyalty enchantment causes the Trident to return to the player’s hands like a boomerang.

The Trident returns to a player when it hits an enemy or blocks surface. The faster the Trident returns, the higher its level. For example, Loyalty III enchantment will work faster than Loyalty II enchantment and so on.

Not compatible with Riptide Enchantment

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If a player dies while the Trident is coming back to the player’s hand, then the Trident drops on the ground like any other item. It can despawn. Make sure you pick it up when you return to the place of your demise.

Trident only comes back when it hits something or someone, but in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, it can also come back if thrown into the Void. After traveling about 15 blocks, it comes back. Minecraft Java Edition will not spawn and the Trident will be lost if it is thrown in the Void.

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