What does depth strider do in Minecraft?

What does depth strider do in Minecraft?

Depth strider is a unique enchantment for boots in Minecraft that allows the user to have increased underwater movement speed. Each level of the enchantment will give the user an additional movement speed, to the point that the player can move as fast underwater as they do on land. 

Another great thing about this enchantment? It can be applied on horse armor and works. But you’ll need to be creative for it to work. 

However, to obtain the amazing boot enchantment, it is necessary to do several activities within the game. These things include looting, trading, fishing, and enchanting books.

If you want to be able to enchant your depth, and give it a long-term boost, the best approach is to start with enchanting books. It is also very easy to do. You will need books, an enchanting desk, books, and lapis lui.

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Next, you will need to create and gather all 15 bookcases. Place them on the magical table with a buffer zone of one block between the bookcases. 

Once everything has been placed, experience points can be used to farm enchanted book farms. This is done by placing the books and lapis in the table until the enchantment appears. 

Although it takes some time, it is the best way to do it. If you prefer fishing, there are other options. Fishing can be done with a fishing rod. If you have the luck and lure of the sea enchantments, you may also be able to get enchantment books. 

There are looting dungeons that you can use to find the books, or treasure chests. Next, you can check with Villagers if they have the book. If they do, trade them emeralds to get the book.

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