What Does Crying Obsidian do in Minecraft?

What Does Crying Obsidian do in Minecraft?

With each replace, Mojang implements a minimum of one new block that definitely perks our ears and raises our eyebrows. For Model 1.16, it was the Crying Obsidian. Harder than nails however lights like a match? What is going on on right here?

What Does Crying Obsidian do in Minecraft?

Crying Obsidian has a number of functions, however the one which definitely stands out is its half in crafting the Respawn Anchor. Let’s evaluation what it is all about and what it means for you.

The Fundamentals

Barish in a room lit by Crying ObsidianBarish in a room lit by Crying Obsidian

  • It is a block. We’re positive you already knew this (it is acknowledged above), however Crying Obsidian is a flowery block. It’s as resilient as common Obsidian, and as an added perk, it has a luminosity stage of 10! Which means it’s going to gentle your room however not soften ice and snow. Pictured above is Barish displaying off a Crying Obsidian so you possibly can see how far the sunshine reaches.
  • It is one of many strongest blocks within the recreation. The Crying Obsidian seems completely different than common Obsidian, but it surely acts the identical. It has a blast resistance of 1,200, cannot be destroyed by the Ender Dragon, and it isn’t flammable. It additionally have to be mined with Diamond or Netherrite Pickaxe.
  • It has its limits. It can’t be pushed or pulled by both sort of piston, and it can’t be used to craft a Nether Portal. What’s unusual about that is that it will probably generate as a part of the Ruined Portal construction.
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Tips on how to Get and Use Crying Obsidian

  • Tips on how to get it:
    • World-generated chest loot
    • Ruined Portals
    • Bartering with Piglins

Minecraft crafting recipe for respawn anchor.Minecraft crafting recipe for respawn anchor.

  • The Respawn Anchor. It is a new block that was additionally added within the 1.16 Replace. This block units your spawn level within the Nether, so you do not find yourself getting stranded or misplaced if/if you die. That is the primary time within the historical past of Minecraft when the Nether had a respawn level since beds explode in the event you attempt to place them!
  • The Bass Drum. The similarities with Obsidian aren’t even shocking at this level. For those who place the Crying Obsidian beneath a Observe Block, it produces a bass drum sound when activated.
  • The Achievement. The Crying Obsidian already has its personal achievement! All it’s a must to do is have one in your stock, and it unlocks the Who’s Slicing Onions? achievement.
  • Knowledge values
    • Java Version
      • Namespace_ID: crying_obsidian
      • Translation key: block.minecraft.crying_obsidian
    • Bedrock Version
      • Namespace_ID: crying_obsidian
      • Translation key: tile.crying_obsidian.identify

As gamers, we’re all grateful to lastly have a respawn level within the Nether, however this rock is a bit bland. Hopefully, it would not phase-out of its usefulness just like the cauldron!

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