What do goats eat in Minecraft?

What do goats eat in Minecraft?

You will need to know what goats eat if you want to tame them or breed them. The game’s goats eat wheat, just like the cows. So if you want to lure a goat over to your base or breed them, you will need to find yourself some wheat in Minecraft.

There are two ways to get wheat. The first is to take it from the villages. The second is to grow it yourself. A simple, yet efficient, farm will be required to grow wheat.

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It doesn’t matter how beautiful your farm is, you only need three lines, with the middle representing water and the rest dirt. You will need to then gather seeds from the grass blocks, then plant them. Wheat will be available after a few more days. 

It is possible to just take it from villages. Most of the time there will be enough wheat grown. This is not the best way to grow wheat long-term, so we recommend you farm it yourself. Once you have some wheat, you can either tame your goats or breed them back at your home. 

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