What are the next Genshin Impact log in events?

What are the next Genshin Impact log in events?

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Genshin Impact hosts a wide variety of limited-time, fun events. There are also some amazing collectibles that can be redeemed for participation. A variety of amazing prizes have been available to players. Primogems Fragile ResinBut the prize that is above all the rest is Fate and fate are intertwined. They can be used to summon limited-time weapons and characters in Genshin Impact. This makes them very valuable.

However, this type of Fate is not easy to find. Fortunately for players, miHoYo has two new and exciting events on the horizon—May Fortune Find You Beautiful colors and flowing light. You won’t want miss the opportunity to participate in any of these events, which will also include Intertwined Fates. This is everything you need about the upcoming events in Genshin Impact.

Log-in every day

Both of these events are scheduled for April. Daily log-inEvents mean that players only need to log into Genshin Impact during an event to get the rewards. There are an total of 13 Intertwined FateBy participating in both these events, you can make 13 wishes for limited-time weapon banners and character creations. Intwertwined Fate doesn’t expire, so any items gained from the event will remain in the player’s inventory until they are used.

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May Fortune Find You

Genshin Impact will host May Fortune Find You, the next daily log-in event. 10 Intertwined Fate Participation in the event will allow you to do this. The event will be held from Jan. 25 to February 9It takes players approximately two weeks to complete the challenge. Every day will bring a different reward. Logging in to the site for a total of seven daysIt takes just one to achieve them all. These are the rewards available every day:

Image via MiHoYo
  • Day 1:One intertwined fate
  • Day Two80,000 Mora
  • Day ThreeTwo Intertwined Fate
  • Day Four 18 Mystic Enhancement Oil
  • Day Five Two Intertwined Fate
  • Day SixEight Hero’s Wit
  • Day Seven Five intertwined fates
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Beautiful colors and flowing light

The second event, Flowing Lights and Colors will immediately follow the May Fortune Find You. It is scheduled to take place from From February 9 to February 13This means that players will have only one. five daysTo participate. Like the May Fortune Find You event. Each day will give you different prizes with a total value of Three intertwined fatesLog in to get the rewards Here are the rewards you can get each day:

Image via MiHoYo
  • Day 1 (Feb. One Intertwined Fate; 15 Golden Crabs, six Sanctifying Inctions
  • Day Two (Feb.One Fragile Resin and five Tianshu Meats, five Hero’s Wit
  • Day Three (Feb. 11),:One Intertwined Fate. Three Guide to Diligence. Ten Mystic Enhancement Ore.
  • Day Four (Feb. 12, 2012):One Fragile Resin and three Guide to Gold, 50,00 Mora
  • Day Five (Feb. 13, 2013):Three Guide to Prosperity, one Intertwined Fate, and six Sancitfying Inction

Genshin Impact’s Intertwined Fates are very popular, so make sure to take part in both of them and get the rewards! Want more Genshin Impact content ideas? Take a look at When is the Lantern Rite Festival 2022? Schachmatt.cc.