What are the Far Lands in Minecraft?

What are the Far Lands in Minecraft?

In previous iterations of Minecraft, there was once a strange phenomenon called the Farlands. Farlands were a bug in Minecraft that happened when the game’s noise generator was too full. 

The bug would also appear 1,004,000,000 miles away from the player’s initial spawn point. The game created a bizarre cluster biome of tall caverns for the player to climb into when the error occurred.

The Farlands would eventually be removed from Minecraft Infdev 2010,0327. It is possible to still locate the Farlands in Minecraft Infdev 20100327’s Bedrock edition. In the Bedrock version, you can find the farlands starting to generate at 12,550,821 and −12,550,824.

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The biome abnormality will be generated almost indefinitely after this point. The Farlands are a bizarre place to visit. It is also almost impossible to reach the location legally without teleporting.

In reality, it took many players years to reach the location. Nonetheless, the Farlands is still an interesting footnote in the game’s history has even been canonized by being a location in the Minecraft Story mode.

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