You may be curious about the meaning of the Roblox slang words Scented Con and Condo. Continue reading for more information.

Roblox Community Rules

Roblox allows developers to create games for other users. These Developers have many creative freedoms, which allow them to express their creativity through the games they create. Roblox has a few limitations. restrictionsInformation about which games can be played. The games cannot contain elements like gambling, depictions drug use, sexual content, or child endangerment. These games will be removed from the website.

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What does “Scented Cons” mean?

Scented Con is also known by Condo. It refers to an illegal Roblox game. Roblox takes these games down quickly, since they are in violation of community standards. These games are still popular despite Roblox trying to prevent them from being on the site. Scented Cons is a virtual community where users can have simulated sexual activities. These games may reappear often because Roblox users will talk about them on communication channels such as Discord.

These games are often criticized by many because they don’t require age verification. It is possible for young children to engage in inappropriate behavior with adults. Roblox allows you to report unsafe games that you see on Roblox using the images above.

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