What are Gold Bars for in Fortnite?

What are Gold Bars for in Fortnite?

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is finally here! There are many new things to explore, interact with, and more! There will be characters that sell weapons and give you bounties. They will also allow you to track where other players are located on the map. You may be wondering what you should do in order for these features to work. Because these characters don’t give away anything, the gold you get will play a significant role in your success.

Uses for Gold Bars

You can use Gold Bars to purchase items or gain intelligence from NPCs you can interact with on your map. You can only purchase a few items. The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is a unique item that will help you locate the storm circles. You can buy a lot of different things from the NPCs that have the bars. They don’t just include weapons. An alternative option is to hire an NPC as your recruit. They will help you to defeat enemies.

One of the most interesting things about Gold Bars, is their ability to persist through multiple games. This means that even if you lose a match, you still have the Gold Bars to use in the next one. Do not worry if you get eliminated from a match with a large number of Gold Bars. You will still be able to keep them.

How to get gold bars

There are several ways you can get Fortnite Gold Bars. There are two ways to get Gold Bars in Fortnite. One is to open up chests. This will reveal some bars you can collect. You can also eliminate players and they will drop the bars after being taken out. These can also be obtained by completing bounties with NPCs who can be contacted on the map. If you have a bounty, it will show you an enemy you must eliminate. You will also see an area of the map showing the target. The bounty will only be paid if the target can be eliminated by you. Half the bounty will be given to someone else who eliminates them. Even if you don’t plan on eliminating them, it is nice to have a bounty.

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Talking to NPCs may also allow you to receive quests. These are different than bounties in that they don’t require you to get eliminations. You might get something like “Use medkits or bandages” and you will receive a small reward in the form of Gold Bars. NPCs can be found all over the map. Look out for the white quotation icon to talk to them when you can.

The video below shows some of these NPCs as well as what you can do with them.