Minecraft Cake Recipes – Ways to make a cake in Minecraft

Minecraft Cake Recipes – Ways to make a cake in Minecraft

Minecraft is a world where food is a vital resource. Beyond the staple survival foods of bread, meat, and apples, there are many “fancy” options. One of these options is cake. This cake is great for special occasions, or just because you want something extra. Although it requires several ingredients, it is worth the effort.

How to make Minecraft cakes

Minecraft Cake RecipeMinecraft Cake RecipeScreenshot taken by Cheaterboss.net

The following are necessary for making a cake:

  • Milk Bucket x3
  • Wheat x3
  • Sugar x1
  • Egg x1

A Crafting Table is required to make a cake. After placing the cake, players will need three milk buckets to be placed across the first row. Place sugar, egg and sugar in the second row. The third row is made entirely from wheat. This will produce one cake.

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Cake can be served up to seven different times. A farm needs the following ingredients: The milk bucket can be obtained from milking cows. Wheat can be grown and eggs can be hatched from chickens. Sugar canes can also can be harvested. While it might seem like a lot, it actually comes together quite quickly.

If you want to add some spice to your cake, you can also add a candle. You can light the candle for special occasions. The candle will go out if you eat a piece of the cake. Clicking on a candle will turn off the flame.

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