Undead World Tier List (July 2022) (Survival Hero Ranked!)

Undead World Tier List (July 2022) (Survival Hero Ranked!)

Are you looking for Undead World Tier List 2022? So you’re at the best place here, you will receive Undead World Tier List which guides you to get the hero ranked according to type, overthrow zombie scourge, and all faction bonuses.

The Undead World is a survival strategy game with a unique visual style. It combines simple but engaging gameplay, progression, as well as a unique visual style. You will need to gather a team of heroes and equip them to face the zombie invasion. It’s up to you to save the in-game world from the zombie apocalypse enemies.

Who is worthy of the top spot on your in-game squad? So, in our Undead World tier list, we’ll suggest that who currently best the charts for each hero type, including Tank, Support, AoE, Melee, and Ranged that you can choose which one is best for you.

We will also be discussing the synergies between different factions and how we can use them to our advantage. The tier list can change at any time as the game is still relatively new. We will be updating the rankings as soon as more information becomes available.

Tier List Update – July 7th, 2022

Undead World Tier List – Hero Ranked >>

This Undead World Hero Survival Tier List was created based on the current game. It categorizes characters into five levels. Level 1 includes characters that we consider the best.

Level 2 characters are decent and can be used in multiple game modes. Level 3 features decent characters that, while they can be used in the middle of the game (but not as well as Level 1), we feel are better than Level 1 characters.

Battles at level 4 have average rated heroes with average performance. Finally, level 5 has below-average characters.

Before moving on to the next undead class list, you should first understand the roles of the heroes. Heroes or Melee RPG characters can fight enemies at close range. They have good HP and DMG stats. T

The ank RPG characters can be used to taunt enemies and take most DMGs. AoE RPG characters can deal with enemy DMGs on the field.

Support RPG characters can support allies RPGs. Ranged characters can stand at the baseline and use a lot DMG to attack enemies.

Undead World Hero Survival Tier List – Best Heroes List >>

Tier ListUndead World Heroes
Tier – SSConor, Helen, Astra,
Tier – SMeredith, Britney, Leigh, Nadeem, Gabriel, Tanya, Murray,
Tier – ASam, Tyler, Henry,
Tier – BLita, Rock, Kieran,
Tier – CJones, Nils, Webster, Abigail, Cady,

Melee – Undead World Tier List >>

CharacterTier List
HelenTier – S
TanyaTier – A
TylerTier – B
HenryTier – C

Melee Heroes are short-range attackers who can deal severe damage by slashes or hits. These friends can be placed on the frontlines and they will dominate.

Area of Effect – Undead World Tier List >>

CharacterTier List
SamTier – S
RockTier – A

AoE (or Sphere of Influence) heroes are heroes who deal damage and specialize in attacks covering wide areas – hello, explosions!

Support – Undead World Tier List >>

Character Tier List
AstraTier – S
MeredithTier – A
Nadeem, LeighTier – B
LitaTier – C

Supporting characters are vital heroes who don’t deal much damage, but heal and heal their teammates, helping the team survive and lead to victory.

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Range – Undead World Tier List >>

Character Tier List
Murray Tier – S
Olivia Tier – A
Webster Tier – B
Kieran Tier – C

Ranging heroes are equipped with many weapons and bows, giving them the ability to attack from afar. Although they are a bit squishy, they can inflict some serious damage from the base.

Tank – Undead World Tier List >>

Character Tier List
Connor Tier – S
Tammy, Abigail Tier – A
Gabriel Tier – B
Jones Tier – C

Tank Heroes excel at being a strong shoulder to cry on, and leading the in-game charge. Tank Heroes are strong survivors who can provide a strong barrier for their friends.

Undead World Bonuses And Factions >>

There are many factions within the Undead World. Each one has its own personality type, and each attitude. You will find times when choosing characters from one faction is crucial to your progress, equipping specific items or unlocking certain perks. These are worth paying attention to.

When joined in a specific way, Undead World factions can also offer bonuses. Mix the following to get +20% damage boost:

  • Blue banshee with beehive
  • Collegium in hive
  • Collegium with Sugar Reaper
  • Sugar Bitters with Blue Banshee
  • Change with gungir
  • Convert with gungiro

A bonus is also available if you use multiple heroes belonging to the same faction.

  • Two heroes of the same faction: HP + 5 %, Attack power + 5 %
  • Three heroes from one faction, two heroes from another faction: HP + 10%, Attack Power + 10%
  • Four heroes of the same faction: HP + 15 and Attack power + 15.
  • Five heroes from the same faction

How To Find More Undead World Characters >>

The canteen sells money, tickets to recruit, and tickets to join a faction. This location can be unlocked after you have completed chapter 2 of your main campaign.

If you cast copies of a character you already have, you can merge the two to create an improved version with high rarity and stats similar to Genshin’s constellation system.

Conclusion >>

We have also included the Undead World Tier List so you can choose your best character by type in this guide. We also include all the Factions Bonuses as well as World Bonuses. We also discuss the Undead World Tier List, listing every hero according to type. Finally, we tell you how to Overthrow the Zombie Scum. Undead World, a fantastic game that you can download easily from play store.

This Undead World Tier List is a pleasure. You can also check out other tier lists.

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