Trask Transport Truck Location in Fortnite

Trask Transport Truck Location in Fortnite

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You’ll need to look for a vehicle that was once home to Wolverine if you want to take on the Wolverine Challenge for Week 5. It’s easy to locate the truck, and it is not difficult to land at the spot. The Gold XP coins can be picked up while you are there. They spawn inside the vehicle.

Wolverine is currently stalking the land between Slurpy Swamp and Weeping Woods. You should be aware that Wolverine can inflict a lot of damage on your head and has plenty of shield and health to chew. We won’t be required to travel there, but we will be facing him in the near future.

Trask Transport Truck

You can find the Trask Truck location in Fortnite by heading to the northern part of the map. It is located northeast of Coral Castle at the C1 coordinate. The location you’re looking for is one that was cut out and added to the Fortnite map. On the small section of land that has been cut out, you will find the Trask truck. This is a purple truck Wolverine just escaped from.

Trask Truck location on Fortnite mapTrask Truck location on Fortnite map

You will be awarded The MCG (Wolverine Vol.2 #45) style for your The MCG Glider after you have completed this challenge. This is the first step towards becoming a The MCG glider pilot. obtaining WolverineAfter you have completed the challenge, you will unlock the next week’s reward which is a. Below is a list of all the challenges you need to complete to earn the rewards that are themed on the clawed super hero.

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After you have obtained Wolverine there are a few more challenges. You will receive an emoji as well as a banner. An alleged leak also revealed that Logan has a style inspired by the movie. Although we don’t know how to get it, you can be certain that we will cover it. It looks amazing!