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You are looking for Touhou Lost word Tier List? You will find the most up-to-date Touhou Lost Word tier listing that allows you to select the best characters.

Touhou Lost Word, a vibrant gacha Roleplaying game, has beautiful soundtracks and a rich story. It also features adorable characters that are easy-to-like. It can be difficult to choose who to take into battle with, due the large number of cute and powerful characters.

We are here to make character selection easier. You can find out the Touhou tier list lost words to see where each global friend ranks in the scheme of things. It will also give you the ability to perform a roll if you fail to make the friends you desire on your first attempt.

Last Update – 13th May 2022


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Touhou Lost Word Tier List – Global Version >>

Tier S – These characters are currently the best in the game. These characters are very powerful and can easily defeat opponents. They could be ranked with S-tier characters by gaining a few buffs.

Tier A –These characters are above-average Touhou Lost word characters. They are easy to use with other characters and have excellent stats. They are great as replacements for in-game characters.

Tier B –These are the standard characters in Touhou Lost Word. They are able to be helpful in some niche situations and have a strong stat.

Tier C – These are the characters below average in Touhou Lost Word. They are not well-rounded and have poor stats. These can be used during the Touhou Lost Word’s early stages. You should be aware that they will eventually need to be replaced in order to progress.

Tier D –These characters are the worst in the game. These characters are not worth investing in. They are completely worthless.

Tier S – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Characters  Style
Youmu Konpaku  Attack
Reimu Hakurei  Defense
Medicine Melancholy  Technical

Tier A – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Characters  Style
Cirno  Destroy
Alice Margatroid  Technical
Chen  Speed

Tier B – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Characters  Style
Patchouli Knowledge  Technical
Reisen Udongein Inaba  Debuff
Luna Child  Technical
Lily White  Heal
Sanae Kochiya  Heal

Tier C – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Characters  Style
Star Sapphire  Debuff
Marisa Kirisame  Attack
Nitori Kawashiro  Debuff
Sakuya Izayoi  Speed

Tier D – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Characters  Style
Daiyousei  Support
Sunny Milk  Attack
Hong Meiling  Attack

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Touhou Lost Word Japanese Tier List 2022 >>

This is the Touhou Lost Word JP tier list. It applies to the Japanese version. The Japanese version contains more incredible characters than the global version.

In the future, many of these Touhou Lost Word characters may be available in the global version. See the ranking of the new Touhou Lost Word characters.

Tier S – Touhou Lost Word Tier List JP >>

Characters  Tier List
Toyohime Tier – S
Sagume Tier – S
Tewi Tier – S
Marisa Tier – S
Youmu Tier – S
Suika Tier – S
Yuuka Tier – S
Tenshi Tier – S

Tier A – Touhou Lost Word Tier List JP >>

Characters  Tier List
Shou Tier – A
Youmu Tier – A
Kaguya Tier – A
Murasa Tier – A
Shion Tier – A
Yuyuko Tier – A
Doremy Tier – A
Remilia Tier – A
Koakuma Tier – A
Ran Tier – A
Reimu Tier – A
Yorihime Tier – A
Kosuzu Tier – A
Hatate Tier – A
Keine Tier – A
Aunn Tier – A
Medicine Tier – A

Tier B – Touhou Lost Word Tier List JP >>

Characters  Tier List
Mamizou Tier – B
Suwako Tier – B
Eirin Tier – B
Yatsuhashi Tier – B
Alice Tier – B
Shizuha Tier – B
Rumia Tier – B
Mokou Tier – B
Flandre Tier – B
Merlin Tier – B
Seiga Tier – B
Benben Tier – B
Kokoro Tier – B
Chen Tier – B
Yuugi Tier – B
Minoriko Tier – B
Lunasa Tier – B
Koishi Tier – B
Lyrica Tier – B

Tier C – Touhou Lost Word Tier List JP >>

Characters  Tier List
Momiji Tier – C
Reisen Tier – C
Yoshika Tier – C
Byakuren Tier – C
Komachi Tier – C
Kanako Tier – C
Cirno Tier – C
Sanae Tier – C
Hina Tier – C
Ringo Tier – C
Yukari Tier – C
Luna Child Tier – C
Patchouli Tier – C
Satori Tier – C
Kasen Tier – C
Akyuu Tier – C
Aya Tier – C
Kogasa Tier – C
Lily White Tier – C

Tier D – Touhou Lost Word Tier List JP >>

Characters  Tier List
Marisa Tier – D
Meiling Tier – D
Sakuya Tier – D
Star Sapphire Tier – D
Seiran Tier – D
Joon Tier – D
Nitori Tier – D
Sunny Milk Tier – D
Daiyousei Tier – D
Nemuno Tier – D
Rei’sen Tier – D
Clownpiece Tier – D

Easy Steps To Touhou Lost Word Reroll >>

If you get a bad character in the Touhou Lost Word game then don’t worry you can simply change your character through the reroll. We have provided a detailed guide for Android and IOS users on how to reroll characters.

Android Players:

  • To begin, open your android mobile home screen by pressing the Touhou Loss Word Game icon
  • Click on the App Info button.
  • Next click storage, now clear data
  • Final step: Return to the Touhou lost word game and complete the tutorial on rerolling

IOS Players:

  • First, delete the Touhou Lost Word Game
  • Next, ReInstall Touhou’s Lost Word Game
  • Now complete the tutorial, and reroll.

Conclusion >>

Touhou Lost Word is an incredible game that shines in its summoning element. Roll rates don’t matter as players do not have to worry about them. They are the same for all Friends you can collect.

The game starts with strong units already in play, so you’re sure to enjoy it.

Next, you should do is to understand your friend’s elemental affinities and stats – both of which are key to building a good in-game team that will have a sure chance of defeating the opponents and progressing in the game story.

Touhou’s Lost Word Game is available on Android and iOS devices. What are you waiting for?! You can download the game on both iOS and Android devices. Google Play now!

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