The UFO Crop Circles in Fortnite Appear in Real Life

The UFO Crop Circles in Fortnite Appear in Real Life

Fortnite has now invaded real-life in a new twist to its mission to collaborate with virtually anything. A Tweet recently published by iFireMonkeyWe have discovered that the Fortnite crop circles, which appear in Fortnite on May 18, 2021, have duplicates in the real world.

To be clear, there isn’t enough information available to tell if this hoax is real. As with actual crop circles, it is possible that the photos may not be real. Despite that, let’s take a look at iFireMonkey’s tweets. These tweets have players curious as to how far Epic Games has come with this new season.

Here is a close up of the IRL crop circle, and here are the coordinates for the three locations!Coordinates:51.494222, -1.83450034.259389, -116.350083-27.105833, 152.800583

— iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey) July 4, 2021

The fact that there are only one week left before the new season’s release means that we are not convinced that the coordinates really matter. Fortnite’s propensity to hype up big events and season changes is unstoppable.

This crossover with real life is vaguely similar to Epic Games’ Chapter 2 Season 5 marketing stunts in which people visited real-life locations for Durr Burger or Zero Point, and got information and V-bucks. Many people have been talking about aliens for years. If this is a marketing stunt, then they have made hype into an art form.

So far, that’s all we know about this exciting development for the new season. Make sure to visit our Fortnite HomepageGet the most recent news and guides

You should also remember that there are Foreshadowing Quests within-game, which provide information about the Season 7 season. Use our guide to complete one. Where to Destroy Spooky TV Sets in Fortnite.

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