The Great Banquet of the Adepti, a web event, runs from Jan. 28, 2022, through Feb. 6, 2022All players who have an account with an e-mail address are eligible to participate in the game. Adventure Rank 10 and above. You can access the Genshin Impact official announcement by clicking here

The event’s goal is to help you achieve your goals. Shimmering ShellsTo unlock different areas of the Serenitea Pot that can be used for Adepti during Lantern Rite, These are the ways to obtain shimmering shells.


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You can earn 800 Shimmering Shells by completing various events in-game and online. Click on the Shell number indicator in the top right corner of the web event UI to claim your rewards.

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To begin salvaging Shimmering Shells for your own use, click on the button to go out to sea. Only three sailing trips per day are allowed. You can also fish for up to 400 Shimmering Shells per day.

Fishing is as easy as fishing. Just watch the direction the Traveler’s net swings. When it is pointed in the direction you want, click on the Down Arrow Key To propel the net forward to catch the item. The net cannot catch. One item at a TimeIt will always be the one on top. Pay attention to the timer!

Each item that you catch will give you a reward. You won’t get credit for any excess Shimmering Shells if you have already fished all of them.

  1. Seashell—10 Shimmering Shells
  2. Rock—10 Shimmering Shells
  3. Pufferfish—25 Shimmering Shells
  4. Sweet-Flower Medaka—15 Shimmering Shells
  5. Pouch—25 Shimmering Shells
  6. Mysterious Pouch—25 to 150 Shimmering Shells
  7. Large chest—100 Shimmering Shells
  8. Rarity Chest—one Underwater Rarity
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Underwater Rarities

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You will find the Underwater Rarities to your right. This will store any items you have fished out. Sometimes Chubby may be found in the vicinity. If he is around, you can trade 50 Shimmering ShellsYou can search for the item you are looking for.


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Obtain the big four rewards—Primogems, Hero’s Wits, Mystic Enhancement Ores, and Mora—by unlocking each area in the web event, which costs 3,020 Shimmering Shells total. Completing Underwater Rarities will grant you bonus rewards such as five Sanctifying Unctions or 20,000 Mora.

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