Any gamer in the world needs to have access to the most current game-changing information (codes and cheats),  Roblox community. Roblox has over 100 million monthly users. It is important to have a trusted voice that you can trust to get your information about Roblox. These are 25 of the most influential and informative YouTubers/Streamers for Roblox.

These are the 25 best Roblox streamers and YouTubers

You may have wondered who the Top 25 Roblox Streamers and YouTubers you should be watching. We have the answer!


The name of is one of the most well-known Youtubers who make Roblox content. Tofuu. Tofuu’s channel is kid friendly and they publish 3 videos per week. This channel has tons of Minecraft content. Over 3.41 million subscribers mean that Roblox and/or Minecraft fans will find useful tips or just laugh at the funny videos. Tofuu provides a $4.99 monthly membership. A few of the benefits for becoming a member include loyalty badges beside your name when you post a comment in the live chats. In addition, you’ll receive a customized emoji, which also can be used during the live chats.


@credit Sketch (fanart)

Sketch’sYouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers has been known for stream/discussing popular Roblox games, including Hello Neighbor and Pals Craft. Sketch posts 4 videos per week. Usually, there is something humorous or fun in each video.


AlexOne video is posted each day by, to their YouTube channel. These videos feature Roblox themes and are told in a narrative style, making it easy for younger viewers to follow. Alex has 2+ million subscribers, and is growing. Make sure you check out their channel.


DanTDMIt has more than 2 million subscribers and is one the most popular YouTubers/Streamers. This channel was nominated for the ‘Kids’ Choice Award’ and won! DanTDM posts daily videos and covers material for Roblox, Minecraft, and Pokémon. 

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Roblox fans will be pleased to know that this is the channel they most enjoy. Flamingo. It has more than 7 million subscribers. On Flamingo’s page, you can find a variety of coverage for many games, and the funny style of commentary will keep you entertained for hours. Flamingo uses a variety jokes, accents and characters to inform gamers about various Roblox games.


Roblox-oriented information is another popular YouTube channel. DenisIt has more than 8 million subscribers. They post 4-5 videos per week (basically, one each day). This channel is popular among gamers of all ages and backgrounds. The videos are sure to entertain and you’ll walk away with useful, Roblox information.

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Hyper-Roblox’sThe Roblox channel is growing in popularity among YouTubers/Streamers. With more than 1.5 million subscribers. This channel is child-friendly and will surely provide your children with valuable information. Hyper-Roblox’s story-telling is simple and fun.

Happy Hopper

This channel is named Happy HopperNearly 1 million subscribers are subscribed to the channel, and that number is growing every day. The channel is primarily kid-friendly, and the stories are told in a way that will keep everyone entertained. Unfortunately, Happy Hopper only posts 20-plus times a year, so the reviews might be a little dated due to Roblox’s ever changing content.


This channel is designed for adults and older children. Thinknoodles. It is dark and twisted, but it might be a favorite of younger children. This page covers Piggy extensively. The game is amazing, but some players find it a bit scary. They upload 1-2 videos per days and have 6.8 millions subscribers.


This channel is truly unique. It’s a Roblox heavy channel, produced and content driven by a middle school aged gamer. Don’t let the name “Gamer Girl” fool you because this channel is for all ages and genders. Although the topics are more child-oriented than other channels, the content is still spot-on. GamerGirl is a popular channel with over 5 million subscribers.

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This channel is very popular with Roblox and other gaming. With more than 1.2million followers. JayingeeThis channel is quite funny, but the material covered and discussed is more appropriate to a teenager audience.


This channel is Roblox-themed but not as well-known than the more popular channels. It has just over 500K subscribers. DfieldmarkThey have a mountain to climb but they can keep going with what they do and post informative/funny videos. They post only 2-3 videos each quarter. It is time for them to get up on the plate and make a difference!

RadioJH Games

RadioJH Games?, tHis channel has over 1.2 million subscribers and continues to grow every week. Roblox games are covered in the content. This page’s producer is 15-years-old and posts approximately 5 videos per week.


Matt Horton is also known as ObliviousHDThis channel uses animated videos that mainly cover Roblox. The channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and will continue to produce amazing content. If you are just curious on what kind of content you can expect from ObliviousHD, go check out “The Last Guest”, it’s a must watch movie about Roblox.


ItsFunnehIt has been a favorite channel for many years. Having 5.4+ million subscribers, you’ll definitely find something of substance here. ItsFunneh releases 1 video per week, sometimes including livestreams. This page is Roblox/Minecraft oriented.

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Leah Ashe

This channel is mainly geared toward Roblox players, but there are chances you’ll find makeup tutorials, vlogs, livestream, and more! Leah AsheOne video is published each day. You should check out their channel.

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If you are a fan of any of the following games on Roblox: Murder Mystery 2, Jailbreak or Scary Horror, you’ll love SeeDeng’s channel. SeeDeng boasts over 1.1million followers.


IamSanna’sThe channel has already attracted 5.58million subscribers. They publish 1 video per day and promote more “Group Roblox Videos.” They have a broad range of topics and games. Subscribe if you like the channel.


This channel is very well-known and is called ZephPlayz. With 2.05 million subscribers, you’ll be sure to find something you or a friend will enjoy. They cover a plethora of games and news on this page, but you’ll find enjoy Roblox material to keep you coming back for more.

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PinkSheepYou can find some of the best Roblox or Minecraft mini-games on this channel. You will find the videos hilarious and the information very helpful. Going strong with 1.57 million subscribers, Pinksheep could be the “go-to” channel for all things Roblox and Minecraft tips in the near future.


This channel is kid-friendly and features Roblox challenges as well as live streaming and game playing videos. RussoPlaysRobux also teaches subscribers when and how to use it.


“The Squad” are the group of friends that InquisitormasterWith Roblox You can see them playing on this YouTube channel. There are 7.7million subscribers to the channel, and that number is increasing rapidly. You will find Roblox games, story-based videos and funny games on the channel. Alex Einstein is a 25-year-old American producer and moderator of this page. Alex uploads one video each day.


This channel hosts some of our favorite commentaries on Roblox games. We recommend it wholeheartedly. AlbertsStuff. With over 1 million subscribers and daily videos, you’ll always find something funny or interesting on AlbertsStuff’s channel.

Kindly Keyin

This channel features everything: water, action, fun, and crazy videos. You also get Roblox videos every day. Kindly Keyin has over 3.3 million subscribers, and “kind” appeal is refreshing to listen to. His YouTube channel is much more well-known than many others, and you will find a lot of useful information. You’ll definitely want to add his channel to your favorites list.

Get it now You have all the information you need to locate the best advice and videos from the top 25 Roblox streamers and YouTubers. This summary was compiled from gamers like me who have subscribed and liked it. One of the coolest things about these YouTubers or streamers is that they let you know immediately if the content on their channels is suitable for children or geared towards a mature audience. 

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