The 2021 Roblox Rewind is here! | Annual fan made Roblox tribute to premier on Dec. 29

The 2021 Roblox Rewind is here! | Annual fan made Roblox tribute to premier on Dec. 29

Every year, fans choose the content creator they love. APackOfSmartiesRoblox Rewind allows Roblox to edit and upload his version of the Rewind trend, originally created by YouTube. Smarties created a website in this year’s. live countdownPlayers can tune in while they wait for the premier of the video. Continue reading for more information about this annual event.

What is Roblox Rewind?

Roblox Rewind is an annual event that has been published every December since 2016. Smarties collects clips from Roblox events, adds Roblox creators’ cameos, and uses music he feels has shaped Roblox and the entire year. These videos are often viewed over a million times and generate excitement for many players.

How do I watch Roblox Rewind?

Roblox Rewind is similar to YouTube Rewind in that it can be seen live on YouTube at 3:00pm CT. You can also replay the video by going to Smarties’ YouTube channel. Smarties can provide reaction videos from many of their favourite creators, as well as the Roblox Rewind 2021 series. Roblox Rewind Reactions playlist.

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Are my favorite creators and experiences included?

Smarties can’t add content from every 2021 favorite, but he tries to make Roblox Rewind as useful as possible for as many people as possible. The rewind will likely include at least one experience, event or creator you have enjoyed in 2021. Smarties will be looking for suggestions on who or what should be included in Roblox Rewind 20,22.

Video link

Are you trying to skip all the clicking to go to other pages. We get it! Click play to see the Roblox Rewind for 2021, or click the button below!

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