Should you choose to play Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact

Should you choose to play Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact offers many characters, but the Archons are always the best. They are skilled at harnessing their elements, especially Raiden Shogun. You might be wondering how Raiden Shogun fits into your team, and if it’s worth investing your Primogems.

Raiden Shogun makes an excellent Electro SupportOr sub-DPSAny team that uses Electro reactions can benefit from this ability. She can use her elemental skill to attack enemies with Electro damage when they are hit. This makes her more effective than other players. Fischl Or Yae Miko.

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Her burst hits very hard, especially when she is placed with the right artifact setShe can also use her teleporter to quickly take out large amounts of enemy health. She is also the leader of the best Spiral Abysss team.Raiden’s National Team.

Looking for a META TeamIf she does, she’s a must-pull. Kazuha And Venti. She’s also available to help you with Electro issues. Not too clunkyLike Yae Miko. Even if you don’t have Yae MikoAt the moment, she is most at home on a Raiden Shogun team, so pull for her.

She is also a good partner. Ayato’s Kit, especially if your goal is to get super-conductive reactions from your team.

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