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Do you want to pull for Ganyu in Genshin Impact or Zhongli?

Genshin Impact has seen quite a few banners but none have been as brutal as those in the 2.4 patch. Players now have to choose between Ganyu & Zhongli as Xiao and Shenhe are closing. Both are Spiral Abyss classics. Ganyu is also rerunning her first game, making it difficult for her to pass up the opportunity.

There is a problem when choosing between Ganyu Zhongli They are one of the most desired characters in the game. These two characters are very popular and they are extremely useful.

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Before you pull for Ganyu and Zhongli, here are some things to consider:

It is much easier to locate a main DPS Zhongli is a powerful supporting character and can absorb large amounts of damage. Ganyu is strong, but characters such as Hu Tao  Ayaka If done right, can be equally devastating.

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