Shining Beyond Tier List (May 2022) (Best Characters!)

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Shining Beyond Tier List 2022 –Our Shining Beyond tier listing allows you to choose the best characters for each class.

Our Shining Beyond tier list has a slightly different feel to the myriad other tier lists in Faindx for one main reason: There isn’t much to differentiate each hero in their respective classes from a statistical standpoint. All are very similar in terms potency. Only the cosmetics or capabilities make the difference.

However, during our time with Shining Beyond Game, we’ve settled on one particular character in each class that outshines the others, and we’ll highlight these four in this tier list. Because Shining Beyond is so structured, it’s difficult to separate heroes into S A, B C, and D levels.

Instead, we’ll highlight the best hero in each class, and then provide details on the rest. Since stat advantage isn’t that important in Shining Beyond, you can actually choose your favorite characters based on your preferred play style, which is pretty novel. Let’s continue with our Shining Beyond tier list 2022.

Last Update – 20 May 2022

Shining Beyond Tier List – (Best Characters)⇩

Shining Beyond Tier ListShining Beyond Tier List
Shining Beyond Tier List

Below is a list of all characters, along with their base level and their class type. These are the top heroes, ranked in order of their Shining Beyond tier 2022 tier list.

S Tier – Shining Beyond Tier List >>

Characters Base Tier Classes
Lucille SSR Acolyte/Mage
Emiko SSR Archer / Ranger
Athena SSR Tank Guardian / Warrior
Artemis SSR Archer & Ranger
MeiFang SSR Rogue

A Tier – Shining Beyond Tier List >>

Characters Base Tier Classes
Freya SSR Tank Guardian / Warrior
Raegar SSR Rogue
Jenny SSR Rogue
Kane SSR Archer / Ranger
Leon SSR Warrior/Tank
Emilia SSR Acolyte/Mage

B Tier – Shining Beyond Tier List >>

Characters Base Tier Classes
Emilia SSR Acolyte
Theia SSR Acolyte & Mage
Shizu SSR Rogue
Fran SSR Guardian / Warrior
Chaos SSR Archer / Ranger
Beretta SSR Acolyte/Mage
Altima SSR Warrior
Tess SSR Archer / Ranger

C Tier – Shining Beyond Tier List >>

Characters Base Tier Classes
Isabel SR Archer / Ranger
Arisa SR Acolyte/Mage
Natsumi SR Rogue
Faye SR Warrior
Izumi SR Rogue

D Tier – Shining Beyond Tier List >>

Characters Base Tier Classes
Makoto SR Rogue
Jake SR Tank / Warrior
Loki&Fenrir SR Warrior
Gordon R Acolyte/Mage
Oberon SR Acolyte/Mage
Isabella SR Tank
Kahuna SR Acolyte/Mage
Nadia SR Archer / Ranger
Cecil R Rogue

Shining Beyond Tier List (Best Roogue)⇩

Jenny, according to us, is the greatest Rogue. She can become invisible and use life-stealing abilities to survive. His basic stats include: high DPS, good evasion, and the following.

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HP  1230
Defense  122
BP  23224
Attack  184

Jenny is here to help.

  • Fallen Mastery –This unit is less likely to take damage than the Fallen, and does more damage.
  • Assault Rush –This skill increases speed by 5.5% and has a 30% CTR trigger chance
  • Shadow – This skill can be used to increase CTR, Crit. This skill is useful for increasing damage, HP, Switch limit and Chance to dodge.
  • One More Round –Earn 13 mana
  • Tower Dominance Tower battles are less damaging and do more damage than the unit.
  • Pangea Effect Deals 192.5 percent of Jenny’s attack damage.

Shining Beyond Tier List: Best Acolyte⇩

Lucille is the best Shining Beyond Acolyte because she can eliminate enemy buffs when necessary. Because of his healing abilities, Lucille is an excellent choice for team protection. These are the base figures.

HP  1148
Defense  98
BP  20772
Attack  154

Lucille’s helpful skills are available.

  • Event MasteryEvent battles are less damaging for the unit, but they do more damage.
  • Purity Objective This skill reduces Lucille’s total HP by 80%.
  • Divinity:This skill can increase ability defense, block chance and critical damage, as well as ability damage and dodge chance.
  • Phoenix’s Psalm: Removing 42 percent of all damages
  • Adventure MasteryThis unit is less effective in combat and does more damage.
  • Holy Smite Provides a 30 percent chance to activate the skill while healing Lucille’s HP by 9 percent.
  • Elemental MasteryThe unit actually causes more damage than it does to the elements.
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Shining Beyond Tier List (Best Archer)⇩

Artemis’s missile skills are among the best in the game. This allows her to deal the greatest damage to her enemies. Her weapon can not only deal serious damage, but also protects Artemis from all kinds of dangers. These are its base figures.

BP  21255
Defense  48
Attack  180
HP  974

Artemis has many helpful skills.

  • Undead MasteryThe undead take less damage and the unit actually does more.
  • The Art of DeceptionIt provides a 30 percent attack probability and an increase in the Critical Chance to 4 percentage.
  • Black Barrier Removes status negative effects.
  • Tactics: This skill increases Deflection Chance. HP, Dodge Chance. Skill Effect. Critical.
  • Arena MasteryThe unit actually does more damage in arena combat than it does to itself.
  • Abyssal Soulseeker: This ability launches 3 missiles capable of dealing with 162.5 percent of the hero’s attacks.

Shining Beyond Tier List (Best Warrior)⇩

Athena is a great warrior because she can quickly level up and then become more powerful. She is the best self healer and has reflective abilities. Her block rate also improves. These are their base statistics.

HP  1383
Defense  209
Attack  138
BP  22246

The Athena skills are available.

  • Fallen Mastery: This unit is less damaging than the Fallen, but does more damage.
  • Keep an eye out for the Watchful ProtectorThis skill will increase your chances to be blocked by 22.5%
  • Taunting SlamThere is a 50 percent chance that an attack will be launched.
  • Fortitude:This skill significantly increases Break Limit, Skill Defense and Skill Defense.
  • Arena Mastery The unit actually does more damage in arena combat than it does to itself.
  • Penance AegisRemediates 42.5 percent of the damage.


This is our motto Shining Beyond Tier List. This post will give you a complete listing of all Shining Beyond character types. It also includes a selection of the best characters to help you improve your leveling and gameplay. We hope that you enjoyed this Shining Beyond Tier List.

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