Secret Fossil Locations in Fortnite Creative Hub – Key Location!

Secret Fossil Locations in Fortnite Creative Hub – Key Location!

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Fortnite Creative is showcasing a new creative hub this week! These are not easy tasks to complete so we’re going to show you how to locate all the hidden fossils to complete it!

Talk to Sarah the small red triceratops to begin the creative hub challenge. She is right above the large T-Rex and up by the featured portals.

She will tell you that Rex, her friend, needs your assistance. You can accept this challenge. For Sarah to make Rex move, you will need to find five fossils. These fossils are small-boned gray rocks. Here is an example:

Secret Fossil Locations

Here are some locations where fossils can be found. I will be showing you the direction in which the golden portal is located and the top of the map with featured portals is up. This will make it so that you can see where the golden portal is located and which direction you should look.

Fossil #1

This one is very easy to spot. It’s right next to Bow Blast’s featured creator map.

Fossil #2

Look to the bottom left to find a location that points towards caveman drawings.

You will find a fossil at the back of the cave area if you go into the cave.

Fossil #3

A large and small T.Rex should be visible if you go out of the cave. It’s possible to find a fossil just below the baby rex. Grab it as soon as you can!

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Fossil #4

You’ll find a purple dinosaur in the lower left corner of the map close to the matchmaking center. Another fossil you can find is near the tail.

Fossil #5

You’ll find a large skeleton of a terrifying dinosaur on the right side. You will see a fossil in its eye if you look at the skull.

Once you have all the keys, you can return to Sarah. She will need the key, and she might have it in her cavern. This key is at the bottom and was covered in wood previously. You can find the ceiling in the cave by going up to it. Look up to see vines and a key.

After you have grabbed the key, it will complete the challenge. It will also open the gate on the level below. Check out the message from the creator. This is it for the challenge. This video will help you if you have any problems.