Recently, information from a Genshin Impact leaker was cross-posted from the Chinese server. r/Genshin_Impact_LeaksThis suggests that Scaramouche could be the next Weekly Boss to appear in the game. His appearance is leaked to be in Version 3.1, which aligns with the release timeline of Fatui Harbingers from previous updates—Childe in Version 1.1 and La Signora in Version 2.1. The leak states that the timeline is based upon the assumption that Shanghai’s recent COVID-19 infection will not cause any major delays.

Genshin Impact’s most anticipated character is Scaramouche. He is also known as Kunikuzushi, or the Balladeer. In Version 1.1, he first appeared at the Unreconciled Stars Event. He remained there until his return to the Inazuma Archon Quest. Scaramouche was a part of the fourth Event Quest, The Palace, Dyed In Black, in the Hues of the Violet Garden.

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Scaramouche is a known failed prototype of Raiden Shogun. He was created by Ei. The Event Quest revealed that he had once caused the downfalls of the Kamisato-Kaedehara clans. Unknown connections to the Niwa clan led him to save Kaedehara Yoshinori’s life after learning of the latter’s association with it.

Version 3.0 will be centered on Sumeru’s story. Scaramouche could become a Weekly Boss for the new region. Scaramouche is a popular character and players are eager to see him playable. This has prompted the community to in r/ScaramoucheMainsTo learn. As La Signora was never made playable, there’s a slim chance for the same to happen to Scaramouche—but nothing has been confirmed.

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