Rust Macro No Recoil Script Free Download

Rust Macro No Recoil Script Free Download

July 3, 2022 0 By Schachmatt

It isn’t noticed Rust Macro Script, No Recoil you can Get a free downloadThere’s no way out, and there are many other ways. Rust script: BestVideogame

What to do with it?

CTRL + TAB = Enable the Antirecoil Programme

— Weapons
CTRL + NUMBAD_1 =AK47 Recoil
CTRL + NUMBAD_2 =LR300 Recoil
CTRL + NUMBAD_3 = Search and Rescue
CTRL + Nummad_4 = Custom Recoil
CTRL + NUMBAD_5 = M5 Recoil
Thompson Recoil = CTRL + NUMBAD_6
CTRL + NUMPAD_7 =The M39 Recoil
CTRL + NUMPAD_8 =92 Recoil
CTRL + NUMBAD_9 = m249 Recoil [BE CROUCHED]

CTRL + NUMPAD_+ = Cycles Weapon Sights [Simple / Holo / 8x / 16x / None]
CTRL + NUMPAD_ENTER = Cycles Weapon Barrels [Supp / Boost / Break / None]

CTRL + Left Arrow = Reducing recoil to an easier, less random number
The recoil is made more random by using CTRL + Right Arrow
CTRL + Arrow = Increases the understanding of programs that match in-game
CTRL + Down Arrow = programs lower than in-game

A numberpad is not necessary, but you can still use your keyboard. To restore your screen when it turns black, hit the spacebar.


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