Rumor: New Minecraft games are reportedly being made!

Rumor: New Minecraft games are reportedly being made!

A recent article from at Windows CentralSources at Mojang confirm that they are exploring the possibility of new Minecraft releases. 

These sources also claim that at most two new Minecraft projects were already in development. The exact design of these two new Minecraft games is not known yet, since Mojang has not publicly announced or stated anything.

Windows Central reports that social media was used for the game. InstagramConcept art for a 2D-themed Minecraft has been shared by the author, as shown below. 

Another Minecraft was in the same style as to Stardew ValleyThe below image shows the concept art. These may all be fun ideas, but it is equally possible that these concept art images can be used as teasers for future Minecraft game designs. 

image via Mojang AB

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We won’t be able to know the truth until we hear from Mojang. Mojang is determined to acquire the rights. Minecraft franchise to new genres. This is already the case with titles like Minecraft story mode. Minecraft Dungeons

What is the future of Minecraft? Their main goal is clear: to expand Minecraft with new updates and mobs. This will allow for new games to be created.  

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