Hello gamers, here’s League Update. This post contains all information regarding Rocket League. You will also find information about future updates.

Rocket League is a vehicular series of football games. Rocket League was launched in July 2015 and is now available for PlayStation 4. Since its launch, this game has been very popular. This is still the game of choice for gamers.

Rocket League isn’t slow to update their game. The developers keep updating the game with new features. Gamers can see new features in the game.

League Update: New Update

These are just a few of the many League Updates

League Update 2.04

Release date

The patch notes for the 2021 patch are now available and will be published on Tuesday, 14th September 2021.

Notes for patching
Changes and updates
Voice chat

Voice chat has been temporarily removed with v2.04. It is difficult to use in Rocket League’s fast-paced Rocket League gaming environment because the audio conferencing system doesn’t conform to current standards.

Compatibility with PlayStation 5 120 FPS

PlayStation 5 PS5 was unable to support 120 FPS has been corrected
PS5 players now have the ability to play:

  1. 4K at 120 FPS without HDR
  2. 4K at 60 fps with HDR
  3. For playback at 120 FPS compatible hardware is required (HDMI 2.0 compliant 4K/120Hz monitor, HDMI 2.1 cable).

The proper video settings are required for 120 FPS support. You can change the video quality settings on your 5:

  1. First go to Settings from the “PlayStation 5 Home Screen”
  2. Select screen and video
  3. Select Video output
  4. Automatically set the output at 120Hz
  5. Rocket League disables HDR when 120Hz is turned on. Rocket League will broadcast in 4K at 60 frames per second if Enable 120Hz output has been disabled. This PlayStation 5 4K resolution guide has more information

League Update 2.03


This update prepares Rocket League to be part of the 2021 NFL Fan Pass content
We know that many of your patience has been appreciated. This month we plan to release an update which will bring 120 FPS on PlayStation 5.
Changes and updates

Server Area

  1. India has been added to the server region
  2. Mumbai hosts servers
  3. India’s tournament area uses ASM servers

Correction of bugs

  1. Fixed aliasing using ramps in Deadeye Canyon
  2. Fixed a bug that caused premature ejection from an active tournament.
  3. Different localization improvements in Italian German, Russian and German
  4. Dropshot and NASCAR Trail are both fixed crash scenarios.
  5. The tournament rank can now be displayed on the tournament history page.
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Psionix also updated its list addressing known issues in the game. This includes all versions of Rocket League. It is a difficult task to maintain a Rocket League game. This new set of bug fixes should please the fans while the team works on other issues. Fans should note that this update prepares the game for the 2021 NFL Fan Pass, but the content isn’t available right now and won’t be available until tomorrow. Fans will have to accept the content that is currently available until then.

League Update 2.02

Here’s the complete list Rocket League Patch notes 2.02 updates

  1. [PlayStation 5]120 FPS Support Available Now, When You Use the Right Cable And Display
  2. Check out our support website to find all details
  3. Players should no longer see the “Duplicate login detected” error message.
  4. The game won’t crash if you have a large number of waiting friend requests
  5. [Nintendo Switch]Problems with game lag in trading with other gamers solved
  6. Corrected a bug causing incorrect ranks to appear after matches.
  7. Some older accounts were able to be fixed in a game crash situation.
  8. DMCA protected songs won’t play if Streamer Safe is manually selected
  9. Fixed a bug that caused incorrectly displayed song titles when Rocket League was played in another language than English.
  10. Fixed a bug that prevented custom-made tournaments from showing up in the tournament browser.
  11. Fixed a bug which caused Windows 7 users to crash.
  12. Resolved a volume issue with the best music track SMLE & Athena – ETERNAL
  13. The player’s “NASCAR” banner now displays correctly in the inventory if it was previously owned.

League Update 2.00

Rocket League Update 2.00 was released on July 24, 2021. The update also fixes many other bugs. You can find more information below.

  • If the car is not owned by the player, Fast and Furious Pontiac Fiero and Fast and Furious Dodge Charger wheels shouldn’t be added to inventory
  • Problem with player-to-player credit and trading
  • Ford F-150 customization bug fixed
  • The Ford F-150’s antenna can not be customized at the moment

League Update 1.99

Rocket League Update 1.99 is now available. You can find information about many other bugs in the update.

  • [Xbox One]Problem with Xbox One’s long boot times was fixed
  • [PS4]The Add Friend notification was fixed so it would be displayed at the desired frequency
  • Fixed Appearance for Some NASCAR Player Banners
  • Fixed bug that prevented rejoin notifications after an online match was ended.
  • [Rumble]Fixed a bug which prevented some players receiving power-ups if their timer hit zero
  • Also fixed a bug that caused premium DLC purchased to appear on multiple platforms
  • The Dune Racer Decal was adjusted so that it does not change the trim color when the octane is emitted.

League Update 1.98

  • Display Bug Fix – In the news panel display bug is fixed.
  • Preventing the Music Bug Fix – Music stop when game starts is fixed.

Rocket League has released version 1.98. This update fixes a few bugs that have significantly improved the gameplay.

On 26 May 2021, the new update was released. S series and Xbox One and this game can be play on all gaming consoles.|S series and Xbox One and this game can be play on all gaming consoles. Rocket League has had some bugs fixed. There is no update for gaming features in the new update.

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League Update 1.97

  • In news panel several display bugs fixed.
  • EGS overlay game startup interrupted fixed
  • Interrupt music while playing on a game is fixed.

Rocket League’s new update 1.97 has been release. It’s also available on all platforms. The new update fixes some bugs. These were mentioned earlier.

The information regarding the updates can be found above.

League Update 1.96

Gamers are done waiting. Rocket League New Update 1.96 is out. Update 1.96 has some new features, and bugs have been fixed. So let’s know about update 1.96

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This update will support Formula 1 DLC as well as the forthcoming NASCAR. It has been released on all platforms since the release of the latest update.

General Update & Changes

  • League Update: It was clarified on the trade page which items could not be traded with another player

Bug fixes in Major League Baseball

  • The Friends List attendance will be accurately measured along with the rest the user interface.
  • Anispray Rocket Boost appearance  Fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to enter the wrong match.
  • The “Add players” pop-up error that was appearing more often Fixed.
  • EOS cloud sync error caused some players difficulty accessing their item inventory

Arena Rotation Adjustments Update & Changes

  • League UpdateUnless further modifications are made. The Neon Field has been removed and the Forbidden temple has been removed.
  • (wasteland or farmstead) A low frequency in some arenas during rotation.
  • All Playlists have Night (Salty Shores), added to the rotation.

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What is a League Game?

Rocket League, a vehicular soccer game, was launched in July 2015. Psyonix launched the game in July 2015. The game launched first for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015. This game is available on all major gaming consoles. Rocket league is an absolutely free game to play.

There is a release League UpdateYou must fix the problem immediately.

Rocket League Game is made up of two teams. Each team is made up of eight players. Rocket players are required to hit the ball with their rockets and score goals. The game has both single- and multiplayer modes, which allow you to score points.


Rocket League has two teams. Each team is made up of eight players. Rocket players are required to hit the ball with their rockets and score goals. To earn points, the game has both single and multiplayer modes. Rocket League has also added basketball and ice hockey. You can play Rocket League game in both online and offline mode & you will also get latest League Update.

Is there a free league?

Yes, Rocket League game is free for PC, Xbox & PlayStation. The new season of Rocket League has begun. Since the rocket league is free to play, this season will be called season 1. If you’re using the Steam version of Rocket League, you can purchase credits using your Steam Wallet. Rocket passes are also now available. These can be converted to a Premium Pass.

How do I download the League?

The game is free to download and can be played for free. The game is free to download on all platforms. So let’s know how to download Rocket League?

Register First on the Epic Games Store

Create an Epic Game Store Account. Select the following login option to log into your Epic Game Store account.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication Log In

To increase your account security, enable Two-Factor authentication. To enable Two Factor Authentication, log into your account. Go to Password & Security section. This section can be found on the left-hand side of your screen. Scroll down and enable Two-Factor Authentication via SMS or Email.

Get the Epic Games Launcher in Your System

Click on the link to download Epic Game Launcher
Download : https://bit.ly/3yVteFW


Visit the Epic Games Store

Once you have downloaded the launcher, go to Epic Games Store to claim your free copy. Click on the Rocket link banner. And you will also be added to Epic Games’ library.

Now go to the Library

You will need to go to the library. You can get the Rocket League game free of charge.


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