You can read below for more information about the locations within the Roblox game Zenkai Origins. Below is a map with a list and descriptions of each location.

Zenkai Origins Map

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All Locations

  • Baba Palace – Master Roshi’s sister Baba the Fortuneteller can be found here.
  • Canyons – You will find the Army Troops at this spot.
  • Cell Game – Cell hosts a tournament here.
  • The capital is located in the Central City. Here you can shop for clothes.
  • Diablo Desert- The vast desert west of the West, where Pilaf’s Castle is found.
  • East City – You will find the Orin Temple in this area.
  • Forest – Here you can start the game and discover your first quest from Chichi.
  • Kame House – Master Roshi has requested that you find a quest to speak to Bulma at this location.
  • Kamis Lookout – This is located above Korins Tower. It is an excellent spot from which to view further.
  • Korins Tower: You can find Korin there.
  • Pilaf Castle is a large castle which was once the home of Emperor Pilaf.
  • Satan City – Large city named after Hercule Satan.
  • Wasteland – There are very few things here, except for the rocky terrain.
  • World Martial Art Tournament: This is where all the action is! This is where intergalatic sparring happens.
  • Yunzabit Heights- An island of green, best known as the place Namekian crashed to Earth.
  • ??? ????????? – The location of this mysterious site is still unknown.

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