This Roblox Wizard Simulator Codes article contains the most current list of working codes you can redeem to receive free coins. You can use these coins to buy backpacks and new staffs so that you can become an all-powerful wizard more easily.

All Wizard Simulator codes List

Once they become available, we’ll keep you informed with any additional codes. These codes can expire at any time so make sure you redeem them as soon as possible. These codes were all tested at the time this post was published. If you discover one that has expired, please let us have the code in the comment section below.

Last Update: May 25, 2010

  • Three codes have expired

Wizard Simulator Codes (Available)

Here is a list of all codes currently available:

  • Random – Use this code to receive 30 minutes of all Boosts
  • 2020update – Use this code to get a 30-minute Drop Boost
  • dairebboost – This code can be used to get a 20 minute Gold Boost
  • Wisdomboost – Use this code to receive a 20-minute XP Boost
  • Polaris – Use this code to get 500 Coins
  • robzigame – Use this code to get 250 Coins
  • daireb – Use this code to redeem 250 Coins
  • wisdomclock – Use this code to receive 250 Coins

Wizard Simulator Codes (Expired)

These Wizard Simulator Codes no longer work.

  • Release – Use this code to get 500 coins
  • pvp-Redeem this code to receive a random reward
  • Additional – This code can be used to redeem a random reward
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Coins are the main currency in the game. They can be used to buy powerful staffs or larger backpacks. These currencies allow you to kill powerful enemies and carry more loot when adventuring.

How to redeem codes within Wizard Simulator

Use these codes to redeem Wizard SimulatorIt’s very easy! The Store icon is located on the top of the game. Click this button to open the Codes option. It will display a blue bird with feathers, and it is labeled as such: Codes. To receive a reward, click that button and enter any of the codes listed in this post.

Game Description

Wizard Simulator is now open

You can unlock new spells and staffs as well as pets to make you the most powerful wizard in the universe! Defeat powerful bosses 🎃 and find secret treasures 🌟 on your adventure!

Last Updates

  • Candy World Boss
  • There are 4 new spells: Za Warudo Mega Shield Ice Cage Ice Beam, Ice Cage Ice Cage, Ice Shield – People can’t be frozen in PvP!
  • New wave defense mode in New Castle (very tough, beat this to Za Warudo).
  • 2 new codes: group and tweetter
  • All worlds, except Candyland and Dummy, have buffed XP or gold
  • Dedicated PvP Servers
  • Expanded map of PvP
  • New robux pet: Daireb Eye
  • Pegasus, Magic Fish: New Robux Mounts
  • Balance changes:
  • Other minor adjustments (aka forgotten).

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