Tokyo Saga is a combat-based Roblox game that’s based on the manga series Tokyo Revengers. You can play as the character of the franchise in the game and seek revenge on the people who have wronged. You can also simply get into the combat mechanics to prove that you are a skilled player.

It’s also about notoriety. It’s possible to either be recognized in an established game or create your own. You will need to have money and power, no matter which path you choose. Our codes below will help you easily gain Yen in order to be a strong player. These codes will give you an enormous boost, no matter if you are just starting the game or a veteran in the Tokyo Saga underground.

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All Tokyo Saga Codes List

Last updated May 24, 2022

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Tokyo Saga Codes (Working)

Here are the codes for Tokyo Saga.

  • !BIGUPDATE—Redeem for 5k Yen (New)
  • !2KLIKES—Redeem for 20k Yen (New)
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Tokyo Saga Codes (Expired)

These codes for Tokyo Saga no longer work.

  • There are no expired codes

Tokyo Saga Frequently Asked Question

How to redeem Tokyo Saga Codes

Use codes to redeem for free rewards Tokyo SagaIt’s easy.

  • To open the chat window, press the /’ key on your keyboard.
  • Enter the code exactly in the chat box as it appears in this list.
  • To claim your reward, press the “Enter” button on your keyboard.
  • How do you get more Tokyo Saga codes

    You don’t have to work extra hard to obtain codes. The best way to get them is to bookmark this page. If they change, check back. Roblox pageThis has been updated. You will receive new codes from them often with major updates. We will post them here as soon they are available. If you are attentive to the developer’s social media, however, you can obtain codes instantly. Tomisto Studios. They do not have a Twitter account at the moment. However, you can visit the official website. Discord channelGet in touch with the community to get more information.

    Why don’t my Tokyo Saga codes work?

    Tokyo Saga does not notify you if the code entered was successful, which is unlike many Roblox games. You might believe the code didn’t work, but it did. You will notice that your character teleports to a new place immediately after entering the code. The total Yen (left side) will also increase.

    It is possible that you have entered the wrong code. This problem can be avoided by copying and pasting the code directly from our site into the chat field. It is possible that the code has expired even if you are 100% certain that you have entered it correctly. Let us know if this is true so that we can correct the page.

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    What is the Tokyo Saga?

    Tokyo Saga is a Roblox game that has become very popular. It draws heavily from the Tokyo Revengers manga, which was written and created by Ken Wakui. You can either fight for power or notoriety in your gang, and roleplay as a virtual character from the series. In this brutal Robloxian reality, you can improve your character’s stats, earn cash and take out those who have wronged you.

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