Roblox Titanage mods are vital for your titan slayer. These mods add passive effects to your character, which can improve everything from max health to grappling speeds to damage output. Titanage allows players to equip three mod slots. We recommend that you try as many mods as possible together. Combining mods with each other can result in powerful builds that are unique for your player. This will allow you to take down as many titans and as many as possible.

Godly Mods

These mods cannot be used in Hard Mode, and they have a chance of dropping by.0002%.

ModEffectMidnightcloakTeleport to the titan’s nape within 40 studsMod SpecialistActivate all effect of any rare or common modification Titan ShifterShift to a titan Click K to activate

Mastery Mods

These mods can only be found in Hard Mode, and they have a 0.5% chance to drop.

ModEffectAssassinRemain invisible for longer when Ambush is activatedBallistic MissilesThunder spears receive increased speed and shorter cooldown. Side effect: the explosion range is smaller. Split 4 titans and not 1Medical Mastersmind. You will get more XP for healing other players with bandages. Full health is awarded to the player who has been healed.

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Legendary Mods

These mods have a 1 percent chance of falling.

ModEffect58 leaf Clover2x chance of titans dropping Modifications, AccessoriesCrippling LevitalityInsta-Kill an titan when hitting a weak pointHit and runKilling an titan grants invincible frames to hit for 5 secondsLast WillReceive a one-time revive upon your death. Mod is consumed upon activationScatter BladesCreate an explosion of blades when killing a titanUnbreakableBlades never breakWormhole WireReceive infinite grappling rangeYmir’s BloodIf grabbed, titan consumes you slower

Rare Mods

Rare mods have a 29% chance for players to receive them.

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ModEffectBetter CoilGrappling range is increasedBlood ThirstyReceive some Health after killing a TitanDouble WhammyEffects occur again after a killFlash pistonGrapple latency has decreased. Grapple is more efficientGas suppression Less gas consumption while grapplingGrab BagReceive 3xXP after a Titan killMendingReceive 50% of healing after a Titan killPiggy BankTitan deaths grant 5 cashQuick ThoughtSkills have shorter cooldowns

Common Mods

A 70% chance exists for players to receive a Common Mod in Titanage.

ModEffectAdrenalineDepending on the amount of titans in proximity, grappling speed increasesArmored PlatingMax health receives +50Auto ReloadBlades automatically reload after breakingBackup CanisterGas capacity receives +3000Bigger ValvesGas speed increasesDumbfoundedTitan turns slower if they focus sights on youHorse FeedHorse speed increasesLight WeightGrappling speed increasesPadded ClothingReceive more healthRefined BladesBlade receives a larger hitboxSteel BonesInjuries are less likelyVictory Supplies Killing a titan grants 1000 gasWeightless BladesSwings are much faster

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What is Mod Exchange Shop?

Hange updates the types of mods available for purchase every two hours. Hange has many mods, so players should check Hange’s mod exchange every couple of hours. Hange’s Mod Exchange Shop can be accessed within Titanage by clicking on the board near Hange. There is also a countdown clock counting down to next mod reset.

Players can also bypass Titanage to access the Mod Exchange Shop. You will need to join the Titanage Discord server in order to view the latest list of mods. For the most current update, you can check the mod-exchange channel after joining Discord.

Check out these Roblox guides for more information. Roblox Titanage Codes How to heal in Roblox

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