Do you have an eye for gold? Thief Simulator will be a good fit for you. Begin by convincing people to give up their valuables. Then, move on to bigger leagues with each step. You can upgrade your equipment or train to be the ultimate Thief. You can earn extra cash by completing quests.

It takes skill and precision to become a Thief Simulator. These codes can give you instant cash to purchase equipment faster, or Gems to begin rolling for skins. Thieves need to look their best.

There are plenty of Roblox codes that can be used to create criminally-inspired games, such as Roblox Robbery Simulator, Roblox Bank Robbery Simulator, Roblox Robbing Tycoon, Roblox Prison TycoonAnd Roblox Jail TycoonSo you can get free stuff

All Thief Simulator Cods List

Updated July 1Updated page. We checked the working codes and added one code.

Here are all of the active codes for Thief Simulator.

  • GEMWORKS—125 Gems (New)
  • SHINY—100 Gems
  • 10MILLION—10k Cash

Codes for Thief Simulator (Expired).

These codes for Thief Simulationator are no more valid.

  • almightysosta—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • newworld—Redeem for 5k Cash
  • sostaheist—Redeem for 3.5k Cash
  • movingup—Redeem for 3k Cash
  • epicitem—Redeem for 3k Cash
  • finesse—Redeem for 2k Cash
  • release—Redeem for 2k Cash

FAQ, Thief Simulator codes.

You don’t need to look further, as we have all the answers you need for Thief Simulator questions.

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How to redeem Thief Simulator code

You can easily redeem codes for free rewards Thief Simulator. Follow the steps below to do this.

Screenshot by

  • To play the game, click the Twitter Bird icon to the right of the screen.
  • Enter the code in the box marked ‘Enter code’ exactly as it appears on the list.
  • Click the blue Redeem button for your reward
  • How to find more codes for Thief Simulator

    You can find more Thief simulator codes by following the link ZylethFollow us on Twitter: Funwise DiscordJoin the Funwise Roblox Group and channel your creativity to receive exclusive rewards

    You can also bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+ D, and continue checking back for the latest codes. This will save you the trouble of searching.

    Why won’t my Thief Simulator codes function?

    What if your Thief Simulator codes do not work? Double-check that you don’t make any typos while entering code into Thief SIMULATOR. The code won’t work if it has even one error. This issue can be solved by copying and pasting directly from the above list.

    Your codes may not work because they have expired. These codes can also stop working at any time without warning. Please let us know if you discover a code that has expired in our working section.

    What is Thief Simulator, you ask?

    Thief simulator is a Roblox-based game in which you can train to become an thief. You can start at the bottom of the ladder and mug people. Then you can move up the ladder to rob smaller houses. You can sell the items you have stolen and then invest them in yourself with new equipment upgrades, stealthier skills, or learning how to steal things quicker. Your rank/level will increase and you’ll be able eventually to rob banks.

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