Although the Roblox Talent Hub was launched on Google on Aug. 3, 2021 but has yet to go live, The Roblox Talent Hub was created to allow Roblox creators to meet and place job ads while keeping their business on the platform. This is all we know so far about Roblox’s Talent Hub, until it launches.

What is Roblox Talent hub?

Roblox Talent Hub will be a hub that allows developers to find creators and collaborate on Roblox games. According to a report by Roblox Developers Conference 2020, the website was first revealed at the RDC 2020. Bloxy News.The Talent Hub allows users to create their own profiles. Creators can identify themselves using special skills such as animator, programmer, modeler, etc. This allows creators as well as developers to easily connect on specific jobs or work.

The Roblox Talent Hub is, in essence, a job board that’s similar to Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. Roblox has exclusive access to all business transactions on the Talent Hub, which makes it easier for all parties. Developers can place job ads (appearing in a news feed), stating the type of work they are looking to do within the description. If the requirements are met, users can then apply for the position.

This is the “Talent hub” page where Roblox creators can post job listings that other Roblox developers/creators will then be able to hire them for.

— Bloxy News (@Bloxy_News) November 29, 2020

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Although payment will not be confirmed, it is possible to make payments using Robux or other real world currencies, but this will depend on the case. Below is the leaked photo. JullianRBXIt is possible to filter the Compensation Type when searching for work, making it easier to find work that pays the desired amount.

Image via JullianRBX

Roblox Talent Hub Requirements

Roblox Talent Hub is still not live. Therefore, we have not released the requirements to join the Talent Hub. Users must apply to the Talent Hub. The user will then need to create a profile that describes their skill set and the type of work they are looking. However, this is speculation and should not be considered as fact.

Roblox Talent Hub users will be greeted with a “Not Authorized” message. We’ll update this page as soon as more information becomes available.

How to join Roblox Talent Hub

Roblox Talent Hub membership requires that the user be a creator. This means that the user must have a specialization in programming languages, audio, and game design or any other roles related to creating Roblox experiences. At the time of writing, there is no formal onboarding process. As soon as the official process becomes available, we’ll update this page.

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Additional Information

This Twitter thread contains more information about Roblox Talent Hub. JullianRBX,He also provided leaked screenshots showing the new website in detail.

Since the images are not current…

— Jullian (@JullianRBLX) August 3, 2021

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The screenshots in the thread show how to create a job and how to edit your creator profile. A verification symbol will be added to the username of reputable developers on the Talent Hub. Roblox has confirmed that these details will be covered in detail.

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