Are you able to survive alone against the undead Horde’s deadly attack? Only one way to find this out! Survival Zombie Tycoon allows you to build your base, while making money to improve your surroundings. You will not be able to survive the next day without these items!

Here’s where Survival Zombie Tycoon’s shambles comes to light. Our codes will allow you to instantly receive Cash and Energy, so that you can quickly rebuild your base for the impending doom. This cash and energy can be used to build walls, weapons, swords and even magic gear potions and lasers that will stop the monsters from destroying your base.

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Survival Zombie Tycoon Codes

Last updated July 1, 2022

Added new codes

Survival Zombie Tycoon Codes (Working)

Here are all of the Survival Zombie Tycoon codes in use.

  • 80KMEMBERS—Redeem for 800k Cash and 800k Energy (New)
  • 40MILLIONVISITS—Redeem for a free Rebirth (New)
  • SPRING2022—Redeem for 100k Cash and 80k Energy
  • DOUBLEUP—Redeem for 222k Cash and 222k Energy
  • 2022—Redeem for 222k Cash and 222k Energy
  • OG—Redeem for x1Rebirth (Must be an Early Supporter)
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Survival Zombie Tycoon Codes (Expired)

These codes for Survival Zombie Tycoon no longer work.

  • ARMOR—Redeem code 100K Cash and 80K Energy
  • 10KMEMBERS—Redeem for exclusive rewards (Must be a member of the Double Up StudiosRoblox Group

Frequently Asked Questions About Survival Zombie Tycoon

How to redeem Survival Zombie Tycoon coupons

Redeem codes to receive free rewards Survival Zombie Tycoon. Follow the steps below to do this.

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  • Press the Red Ticket icon at the left side to continue the game.
  • Enter the code exactly as it appears on the list in the “Enter code here” box.
  • Press the ‘>’ button to claim your reward!
  • How to get Survival Zombie Tycoon Codes

    You can find more Survival Zombie Tycoon codes by following this code’s story. We will constantly update it with new codes. You can bookmark this page by pressing CTRL +D.

    A subscription to a newsletter is another option to get codes. Matic over on YouTubeJoin us Double Up Studios DiscordFollow these steps: Double Up Studios Roblox group.

    Why isn’t my Survival Zombie Tycoon code working?

    Your Survival Zombie Tycoon codes may not be working. First make sure you have the correct code from our list. Roblox will not accept code that isn’t correctly typed.

    A second thing to note is that codes can expire at any time without notice. If you find a broken code in our working section please let us all know in the comments!

    Third, it is possible that you have used the same code previously.

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    What is Survival Zombie Tycoon exactly?

    Survival Zombie Tycoon focuses on building a base to protect yourself from the undead. You can start from nothing and build Droppers to increase your income to continue building your base. You can build walls, droppers, windows and more until your base is impenetrable for those evil demons.

    You can create an armory and purchase new weapons, armor and magical equipment to fight these night creatures. After you’ve made enough progress, you can Rebirth to relaunch your game from scratch. However, you will also receive a permanent buff which will allow you to do it quickly again. More Rebirths equals more equipment.

    We have tons of codes available for other games. Roblox Game Codes post! Also, you can get tons of stuff for free via our Roblox Promo Codes page.


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