You can find the most recent Roblox Supernatural Simulation Codes List. This list contains codes that you can use to redeem for coins and rubies. These codes will give you an advantage in the game, and can be used to upgrade your werewolf, vampire, or witch.

How to redeem codes in Supernatural Simulator

Use these codes to redeem Supernatural SimulatorIt is easy! You will see the Twitter logo at bottom of screen. Click that button to open the pop-up.

Click the “[CODE HERE]Enter one of the codes below into the box. After you’ve entered it correctly, just hit the Enter key. You’ll receive the reward.

Supernatural Simulator Codes Liste

Below is a list of all codes currently available in Supernatural Simulator. Keep checking back as we will be updating this post with more codes.

  • NEW – Get 1,000 Rubies for the price of one by redeeming this code: Oofe
  • NEW – Get 100 Coins by redeeming this code: FOEKAI
  • Get 100 Coins by redeeming this code: CRACKOP
  • Get 1,500 Rubies when you redeem this code from TWITTER
  • Use this code to redeem 75 Coins: RELEASE

You can buy new weapons with coins that will improve your damage and speed up your killing. Coins can also be used to buy companions that increase your coin, experience and ruby gains. You can also use rubies for potions that give you temporary increases in speed, power, or your health.

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