Islands aka Skyblock received another major update. They’ve also added fishing to their game. You can now craft some new items, but some require you to purchase a propeller. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to get one.

Propeller Guide

Fishing at the fishpond in vendor island via the purple portal is the best way to obtain a propeller!

Step 1: Make a Fishing Rod

To go fishing, you will need to first make a fishing rod. You can make one at your workstation for 10x the cost of a piece of wood. This is a simple recipe so you don’t have to go far to make it.

Step 2 (Optional): Craft Bait

Fishing bait can be made which will increase your chance of getting rare items. To craft each bait, you will need 3x carrots. If you don’t have one already, you might consider starting one.

Step 3: Fishing

Follow the purple portal to reach the vendor island. You will find a pool with water to your left of the seed and crop vendors. Get your fishing pole out and begin looking for a fish in this pond. Once you’re close enough to the fish, you can click to cast your line. If the line is sufficiently close to the fish, it will swim towards it and spin your bobber. When bubbles begin to shoot out, click again to reel in the fish or other item. To use your bait, you must have it on your toolbar.

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The next step is to keep fishing until you catch a propeller. You might be lucky enough to get one on your first cast. Or, you can just keep fishing for a while.

You can use the propeller to create an Industrial Washing Station, which will wash oily crop for you!


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