Players must approach Dominic at the lifeguard booth on Roblox Royale High to begin the Trash Quest in Roblox Royale High. Dominic is atop the booth, keeping watch over the ocean to ensure safety for all Robloxians. Talk to Dominic to start a conversation.

You must collect 75 trash pieces scattered around Diamond Beach. Their reward? They receive the Swimmer Flippers item. The Trash Quest has no single location guide. All trash is randomly distributed for each player. You might find your location in different locations. Despite these random locations, there are certain areas you should keep in mind.

Definitive Trash Locations

These areas should be searched for the spawning locations of trash items. These areas can be triple-checked to ensure you have more than half of the 75 trash item locations.

  • The beach’s edge
    • There are tons of trash that spawn near the shore. You will find at least 20 items if you run from the glowing cave to a white mansion.
    • There are also other edges, such as the one at the edge of the city where the concrete meets the sand.
  • Sandcastles
  • Below the Dock
  • Below the Lifeguard Booth
  • The white mansion pillars. Usually, there are 6 or more items found here.
  • Next to, and between, trees
  • The large island on which the trolley cars are connected

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Hidden Trash Locations

These are the hidden trash areas that players should remember. These are the hidden trash locations that are not as obvious but are still very noticeable.

  • The Lifeguard Booth
    • Even though the door is closed players can still go through the door to the booth. Here was one trash item.
  • The Construction Dock
    • An NPC is working on the dock at the edge of the deck just past the Coming Soon sign. You will find a few trash cans in this area next to the Dock.
  • Below the Trolley Cart
    • The trolley cart system extends into ground just beyond the stage. One trash bag was found here.
  • The Cave below and Lighthouse
    • There should be two trash cans on either side the cave, where the ocean meets the shallow water. It is difficult to identify them because their design is transparent in comparison to the water.

Do not look at these locations

There are only a few places where trash cans will not spawn. These are the locations you will find:

  • In Town
  • The smaller islands are also available.
  • You can see the main Diamond Beach area from the back, left, and right.

You don’t need to search the entire perimeter of the map. Only the main Diamond Beach area, and the larger island connected by the trolley system, are the only places where trash items can be found.

All possible trash items – Designs

There are five options for trash items: straws, light bulbs and trash bags. For each item design, see the gallery.

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What is the Trash Quest in Royale High and How Does It Work?

The Trash Quest was launched with Wave 2 of Roblox Royale High’s summer updates. The Trash Quest requires players to collect 75 trash pieces from the Diamond Beach sands. In exchange, they will receive the Swimmer Flippers item by Dominic the Lifeguard.

If you are having difficulty completing the quest, we recommend multiple videos such as NotLukash’s tutorial below. Many content creators have found trash items hidden in various locations. The visual aid is very helpful.

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