The Lighthouse Quest is an extended mission that introduces players to the mysterious and grumpy man living in the lighthouse. The player will be able to travel around Diamond Beach and meet many different characters along the way. They will also receive a cosmetic reward, the Heart of the Ocean Necklace.

Royale High Lighthouse Quest Guide

Start the Quest

Approach the lighthouse and knock the door. The only sound you’ll hear is the occasional cat meowing. The lighthouse is not open for conversation.

Crowned Casuals is a local store that can help you if no one else answers. It is located right next to the lighthouse. The anxious tourist waits to be approached by you. She fears for the lighthouse and believes that it is haunted because a mysterious light keeps turning on every night.

Return to the lighthouse. To grab the attention the grumpy insider, you will need to knock on the door several times. It took us approximately 8-10 knocks before we finally got the person’s attention. Each knock will bring you a more frustrated response. Continue knocking until someone inside expresses their love of ice cream.

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Strawberry Ice cream

Fly back to the city and stop at Frostbite (aka Diamond Beach’s Ice Cream Shop). Darla will be happy to speak with you and give you the About lighthouse… dialog option. You are instructed to speak with the late-shift employee, as the grumpiest person in the lighthouse appears only at night.

Darla refers specifically to Luke who appears to work the night shifts in accordance with the work schedule within the shop. Luke can be found on the island’s docks, where the trolley car system connects. He’ll tell you about the favorite strawberry ice cream flavor of the lighthouse man.

Fly to Frostbite to speak with Darla. You can order strawberry ice cream in cups and bring the frozen delight back with you to the grumbly man at the lighthouse. The sweet aroma of the ice cream will make him smile and allow you to enter.

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Find the Secret Cave Puzzle

Place the ice cream on a table in the lighthouse. The game will make you fall so don’t try to climb up the stairs. Instead, make note of the Captain’s Notebook located next to the icecream. Although the notebook is locked, the diary key can still be found underneath the cloth of the wooden boat, inside a lighthouse. To reveal the key, press or tap the cloth. Grab the key and unlock your notebook.

To learn more about Captain, you can open the diary. However, all you need to do from this step is the username: ARRShiverMeWhiskers. This step is performed outside of Royale High on the Roblox platform. This step is not required technically, as we have all the details below. This is an important aspect of the quest.

ArrShiverMeWhiskersRoblox actually has him as a user. You can locate him by clicking the provided link or searching for his username on Roblox.

The following quote is the most important text in ArrShiverMeWhisker’s Roblox Page:

“When I arise from the sea, Starfish below quake at the sight of me! My teeth are pearly and exquisite, my Tail is long and glistening. In the misty blue brine, I search for Sailboats, they’ll all be mine mine mine!”

Find the Captain’s Satchel

The code to unlock the final step in the quest is contained within the above quote. This is important. For now, head to the cave beneath the lighthouse.

You can continue down until you reach the wall. From top to bottom, the correct code is as follows:

  • Starfish
  • Pearl
  • Tail
  • Sailboat

You will find a sunken vessel in the cave. Approach the sunken vessel’s light and make a knock. The sunken ship’s grumby voice will be asking for chocolatey treats. Go back to Frostbite to order Chocolate ice-cream in a cone.

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You can take the icecream with you back to the sunken ship. Grab the Captain’s Satchel, which is behind the table. You can now return to the lighthouse with your satchel.

The satchel can be given to Captain Whiskers. This will start an emotional conversation between you. Captain Whiskers will give you the Heart of the Ocean Necklace as a thank you and reward you for your effort. This concludes the lighthouse quest.

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