Roblox Project Tower Defense Codes provides the most up-to date list of OP code that you can redeem to get many in-game Crates or Coins. This will enable you to purchase new Towers and Crates, without the need to spend Robux. Make sure to redeem these codes before they expire.

All Project: Tower Defense Codes

Once they become available, we’ll keep you informed with any additional codes. These codes should be used as soon as possible, as you never know when they might expire. These codes were tested on the date this post was published. If you discover one that has expired, please let us have the code in the comment section below.

If you don’t enter it exactly as listed, it may not work!

March 23, 2008 Update

  • Verified working codes

Tower Defense Codes (Working on)

Here are all of the codes for Project: Tower Defense.

  • SecretUpdate—Redeem code for 1000 Coins and 1000 Gems (New)
  • WinterDelivery—Redeem code for Wendigo’s Sack Crates
  • CavedIn—Redeem code for 2000 Coins
  • MissionControlSus—Redeem code for 1000 Coins
  • FirstCodeEpic—Redeem code for 100 Gems and 200 Coins

Tower Defense Codes (Expired).

These codes for Project: Tower Defense no longer work.

  • MerryChristmas2021—Redeem code for free rewards

Tower Defense Codes: How to Redeem Project

Redeem codes to receive free rewards Project: Tower Defense.Follow these steps to do this:

  • Launch the game
  • Use the Press Menu
  • Use the Codes option
  • The working code can be entered directly in the text box
  • To redeem, press Enter on your keyboard
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Game Description & Recent Update

[Intro]:Welcome at P:TD. Your world has been taken over by “the Other”. Can you all work together to defeat their force? Your task is to preserve what remains while rebuilding the things that were left behind. What will you uncover about the real events in this world? Get ready! This is going to be a long journey…


  • This game is currently in Alpha stages. Many things will likely be updated. There may be performance issues.
  • It is not possible to purchase coins in the game. We will not charge you anything that might affect your gameplay.

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